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3 rituals that power Coda’s product team

Coda’s rituals are the foundation of my growth as a PM and the success of our larger product team. Here’s how to adopt or adapt them for yours.

Harshita Yerramreddy

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SEP 25

Does your product team miss deadlines?

The Ultimate Coda Handbook for Product Teams provides step-by-step instructions for setting up an effective team operating system.

The Coda team

SEP 11

Elevating IT teams with Coda

Make your IT team more functional and efficient with the Ultimate Coda Handbook for IT teams.

The Coda team

AUG 29

Survey: AI adoption at work

Tips for employers to navigate the AI learning curve and achieve success with AI.

Katy Turner

Stories about AI

JUN 13

How makers are using Coda AI

An AI assistant that helps you write and edit. AI columns that fill in data on tables. An AI block that synthesizes information. Explore the many ways makers are using Coda AI.

David Kossnick headshot
David Kossnick


The unexpected story of Coda AI

Why Coda made a big bet on artificial intelligence.

David Kossnick


AI at Work Challenge winners

We asked makers to build and submit templates showcasing Coda AI.

Katy Turner

JUN 12

Why you should think about AI as an intern

AI can serve as a game-changing resource for your team.

Katy Turner

Principles of great product teams

MAY 10

7 Principles of Great Product Teams

The best product teams are relentless about turning ambiguity into clarity. Learn the seven principles that help product teams ship better products.

Lane Shackleton

MAY 24

Principle 1: Create cathedrals, not bricks

Learn how to focus your product team to turn ambiguity into clarity.

Lane Shackleton

JUN 16

Principle 2: Create systems, not goals

Learn how to ensure the inevitability of reaching your team's goals.

Lane Shackleton

Stories for product teams

AUG 17

A ritual for surfacing critical conversations

As a product manager, I need to bring difficult conversations to the surface in order to deliver the best outcomes possible. Learn how a simple tool helped our team more effectively launch better products.

Punit Shah

JUL 14

How to discover hidden user problems

A research funnel helps identify pain points.

Matt Woods

JUL 10

3 reasons to run your product team on Coda

Discover how Coda can shape the impact of your product team.

Lane Shackleton


How to thrive as an introverted PM

12 strategies to turn introversion into a strength.

Teresa de Figueiredo

Stories about the tools you use

JUL 10

3 reasons to move from Confluence to Coda

Your team deserves more than a static wiki. Read three reasons why your teams should run on Coda instead of Confluence.

Noah Silverstein

JUL 18

Specialized OKR apps don't work—Coda does

Explore the common pitfalls that come with spreadsheets and specialized OKR apps.

Oliver Heckmann

AUG 5, 2021

Comparing Coda and

Learn why Coda and are very different collaboration software tools.

Al Chen

Stories about productivity

JUL 31, 2019

Tables, not spreadsheets

When we started Coda, we were obsessed with the idea of building a doc as powerful as an app. At the center of that design had to be a table, not a spreadsheet.

Matt Hudson

MAY 15

How I spend less time in meetings

I've spent a lot of my time in meetings that could have been emails. Learn how I replaced meetings with docs.

Kay Diaz-Ferrigno


The dark side of spreadsheet scripts

Learn why scripts can be difficult to adapt, fragile, and pose a risk to the organization.

Eric Koleda

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