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Coda acquires Plato to jointly spread engineering excellence

Coda has acquired Plato, the largest community of engineering leaders in the world, to better serve high-performing engineering teams.

Quang Hoang

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Featured stories

MAY 23

Coda vs Wrike: Creating a project plan

Is Wrike or Coda better for project planning? Get a detailed look at creating project plans in Wrike vs Coda, from reporting to Gantt charts.

Jordan Milner

MAY 22

Coda vs Excel: Gantt charts

Building Gantt charts in Excel is a time-consuming and fragile process, prone to breaking and hard to keep up to date.

Al Chen

MAY 21

Why product teams are saying goodbye to spreadsheet roadmaps

Learn why spreadsheets are the wrong choice for product roadmaps.

Teresa de Figueiredo

Stories about the tools you use

MAY 16

3 reasons I see teams leave Confluence for Coda

The time for static wikis is over. Discover why the best product and design teams choose Coda over Confluence for real-time collaboration and documentation.

Noah Silverstein


Three ways to streamline your agile project management pipeline

Learn how to connect Jira + Coda to keep your projects on track.

Al Chen

APR 30

Coda vs Asana: Project tracking and task management

Compare how Coda and Asana handle tasks, dependencies, progress, and reporting.

Jordan Milner

APR 12

Coda vs Notion: Automations and buttons

Coda and Notion both include automations and buttons that can complete repetitive, tedious tasks for you.

Jordan Milner


8 reasons I see teams leave Notion for Coda

I’ve collected the most common pain points and points of contention that lead teams to choose Coda.

Noah Silverstein

Stories for product teams

APR 23

How I automate roadmap updates and reporting to save hours each week

When it comes to building products, a clear product roadmap is non-negotiable. Learn how teams save hours per week managing their roadmap in Coda.

Jane Chiu

APR 22

4 AI predictions—and what they mean for product managers

I believe that, like the Internet, AI will transform our lives.

Glenn Jaume

APR 15

4 unexpected ways you can use Coda

From data cleanup to event planning, teams use Coda to build solutions instead of buying more single-use tools.

Harshita Yerramreddy

APR 12

How product managers can get buy-in for roadmaps

Without buy-in, even the best product roadmaps will flounder.

Adil Tobaa

MAR 25

How product managers embed Miro, Figma, and Google Sheets for better collaboration

Learn how embeds save time and prevent context switching.

Rachel Ding

MAR 21

How Tonal approaches alignment and prioritization

Learn how Tonal's product team uses Coda to drive successful product development.

Rachel Ding

Stories about the features we build and our company

APR 10

Coda + Snowflake: Democratizing data for everyone

Coda has entered a large partnership with Snowflake. Learn how Coda and Snowflake are partnering to turn data into action across the enterprise.

Shishir Mehrotra


5 tips for getting your startup started in Coda

Explore our checklist for using Coda to its fullest potential.

Maggie Barnes

DEC 15, 2023

2023 Year in Review: Documenting the delightful

From Coda AI to Coda 4.0, 2023 had its moments, big and small.

The Coda team

Stories for engineering and IT teams

MAR 28

How to simplify your SaaS stack and keep your data secure.

Connecting your entire organization, information, and team can be nerve-wracking for IT admins. Learn how IT teams implement customizable protections in Coda.

Vidhya Bhat

MAR 28

5 tips for enhancing your tool stack with Packs

How Coda's developer ecosystem is fairing, from Pack maker growth to popular IPaaS applications.

Eric Koleda

MAR 12

How Coda’s enterprise security policies give teams more control of their data

At Coda, security is a top priority.

Bala Neerumalla

Stories about planning and OKRs

FEB 22

Staffing OS part 3: Onboarding that works

No one wants to spend their first day at a new job feeling lost or unsure how to get started. Learn how to use Coda to make onboarding a seamless experience.

Oliver Heckmann

FEB 14

Staffing OS part 2: More efficient hiring

Learn how Coda can help simplify and speed up your hiring process.

Oliver Heckmann


Staffing OS part 1: Headache-free headcount planning

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by managing your team’s headcount?

Oliver Heckmann

JAN 26

How Figma improved their planning with Coda + FigJam

The Coda + FigJam widget helps teams sync ideas between the two platforms.

Bri Strauss

JAN 17

9 free OKRs templates to supercharge planning

You don't need to design your planning tools from scratch.

Jordan Milner

JAN 10

8 free OKR templates from Coda’s Solutions Architects

Time-tested shortcuts to optimize your team’s planning processes.

Justin Hales


5 steps to optimize your strategic planning

Make planning more efficient, effective, and easy to follow with these five simple steps.

Rachel Ding

Stories about AI

JUN 13, 2023

How makers are using Coda AI

An AI assistant that helps you write and edit. AI columns that fill in data on tables. An AI block that synthesizes information. Explore the many ways makers are using Coda AI.

David Kossnick headshot
David Kossnick

AUG 29, 2023

Survey: AI adoption at work

Tips for employers to navigate the AI learning curve and achieve success with AI.

Katy Turner

AUG 7, 2023

The unexpected story of Coda AI

Why Coda made a big bet on artificial intelligence.

David Kossnick

AUG 3, 2023

AI at Work Challenge winners

We asked makers to build and submit templates showcasing Coda AI.

Katy Turner

Principles of great product teams

MAY 10, 2023

7 Principles of Great Product Teams

The best product teams are relentless about turning ambiguity into clarity. Learn the seven principles that help product teams ship better products.

Lane Shackleton

MAY 24, 2023

Principle 1: Create cathedrals, not bricks

Learn how to focus your product team to turn ambiguity into clarity.

Lane Shackleton

JUN 16, 2023

Principle 2: Create systems, not goals

Learn how to ensure the inevitability of reaching your team's goals.

Lane Shackleton

Stories from our partners

NOV 29, 2023

There’s more to life than copy/paste

Efficient teams collaborate to get things done faster. Learn how Coda and, a next-generation web development platform, remove silos and make work more fluid.

Andreas Møller

NOV 21, 2023

Supercharge your Coda rituals with Relay’s automations

How to save time and build more sustainable processes with Relay + Coda.

Jacob Bank

JUN 2, 2023

How AEs can reimagine workflows with AI

Using AI to keep sales teams running smoothly.

Autumn Witter

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