Coda is Notion on steroids.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably outgrown Notion. No matter how powerful your workflows, large your team, or stringent your security requirements, Coda scales with your team.

A few of the 50,000+ teams collaborating on Coda.

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More than just a wiki.

Notion’s buttons, automations, and formulas just scratch the surface. Coda handles everything from knowledge bases, to interactive trackers, to full-blown applications.

Organization that enables growth.

Lost in the endless hierarchy of your Notion wiki? Organize your content into infinitely-nesting pages inside of a single doc—and find what you need, when you need it.
Structure and simplicity
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Lower floor + higher ceiling.

Notion looks simple to start, but the workarounds you'll need make it anything but easy. With Coda, anyone can create powerful workflows in an easy-to-use interface. No hacks or external services required.

AI that knows (all) your work.

Notion AI only works with fragments of your data. Coda AI works across docs, tools, and workflows.
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Templates: Your running start.

Coda’s templates are created and time-tested by the most successful teams on the planet.
Team hub
Dory and Pulse with AI
Project tracker
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Say goodbye to complex workarounds and third-party APIs.

Notion’s integrations are limited in quantity and capability. Teams that run on Coda can leverage 600+ native integrations and take action on integrated data through formulas and two-way databases.
We used Notion for 1.5 years and then performance issues made it difficult for us to continue using it as a source of truth. I know with Coda the performance is going to be there, it’s going to scale with us, and people enjoy using it.
Kerry Wang
Kerry Wang
CEO of Searchlight

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Accessible power and flexible workflows—Coda scales with your team.

Teams with complicated workflows and datasets quickly run up against Notion’s constraints. Coda is built for collaboration and flexibility at any stage.

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