How Coda runs on Coda

Coda's leadership walks through the docs they rely on.

UX Research

User Researcher Alissa Doose walks through Coda for Research, the doc that helps plan, track, analyze, and implement user research.

Project management

Creative Project Manager Myles Gleason keeps Coda’s creative team moving with her project management hub.

Solutions engineering

Solutions Engineering Lead Eric Glick talks through his team’s solutions engineering Team OS, or team operating system.

Customer success

See how Coda's support team’s internal knowledge base helps them quickly find solutions to customer questions.

Events marketing

Events Lead Liz Marxen uses her marketing event coordination hub doc to organize all of Coda's events.

Content marketing

Solutions Architect Justin Hales plans and prepares to launch new Coda docs with the “lightning strikes” and “rolling thunder” framework.

How Coda runs Engineering

Coda's engineering leaders share their tips and techniques.

1:1 template for engineering managers

Head of Core Product Engineering Himanshu Vasishth shares the 1-on-1 template he uses to keep in touch and in-tune with the engineering organization.

Interview load-balancing

Head of Engineering at Coda Oliver Heckmann talks through his approach to interviewing and interview load-balancing.

How Coda runs Recruiting

Coda's recruiting team shares their tips and techniques.

Hiring syncs

Bring the power of your ATS into Coda to provide a single source of truth for informative and actionable hiring syncs.

Sourcing talent

Recruiting Sourcer Todd Cranston-Cuebas asks “Who Knows Joe?” in his doc that helps connect candidates to employees at the company.

Headcount approval

Recruiter Rosetta Phan walks through the recruiting headcount approval workflow we use at Coda.

Recruiting coordination hub

Recruiting Operations Lead Sharon Lo shares the recruiting coordination hub that we use at Coda.

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