Trust at Coda

Coda is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and data. This Trust Center provides transparency into our practices and procedures, showcasing our dedication to protecting your data and ensuring the smooth operation of our services.

Read about our robust data protection and compliance with privacy regulations.


Explore enterprise-grade features that enable control, visibility, and flexibility.


Terms of Service, plus other contractual commitments and policies.


Coda is committed to robust data protection and complies with privacy regulations, ensuring the users' personal information is secure.
Privacy statement

How your personal information is collected and used by Coda.

Cookie notice

Our usage of cookies to recognize users when they access

Data governance

We take significant steps to ensure the safeguarding of your data.


Our product, application, infrastructure offer best-in-class security and meet compliance standards.
Security and compliance

Enterprise-grade security features, plus our adherence to laws and standards.


Advanced controls for Packs, docs, folders, and workspaces.


Audit APIs for Enterprise users to obtain audit logs for the past 12 months.


User data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest by default.

Public bug bounty program

Our rewards are based on severity per CVSS.

Legal resources

Terms of Service, plus other contractual commitments and policies
Terms of Service

Learn about the agreement between users and Coda.

Developer terms

The agreement regarding the usage of developer tools and platform.

Data processing addendum

An explanation of how data is processed by our data processors.

Publishing policies

Content policies for Packs, published docs, and other user content on Coda.

Pack ecosystem terms

Terms of use for using Coda Packs.

Subprocessor list

Documentation on our subprocessors, including data shared and location.

Referral program terms

Agreement regarding participation in Coda's referral program.

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What are your privacy controls?

What is your data residence and governance policy?

What is your uptime and availability?

How does Coda handle business continuity?

How does Coda handle authentication?

What security features are offered in product?

How does Coda keep the application secure?

Does Coda conduct annual penetration testing?

What are Coda’s infrastructure security principles?

Does Coda encrypt data?

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