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Project management with gantt charts - ClickUp alternative

Go beyond task tracking and track at the project, team, and company level in this project management template with gantt charts.
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Problems this project management template solves

Central view of all your tasks ()
See multiple layouts of the tasks (, )
Updating tasks in one part of the template updates it everywhere else
Organize tasks by project (e.g. ) and further by a team (e.g. )
See all tasks for a given team ()
Organize pages within pages to create a clean environment for your team members to see different aspects of the project

Project management in Coda vs. Clickup

Coda is a blank doc but gets powerful once you add tables of data to it. Each page in Coda is like a space in Clickup, but each page starts off blank (or you can add in a drag-in-drop template). You can see multiple views of your tables that get filtered down to exactly what you need to see.

View tasks the way you want

In this template, there is a main task list in , but you can see this list of tasks on a or on a chart.

Organize by project, team, or more

The core building block in Clickup is a task, but you may want to see your tasks by project or by team. is an example of how you might see all your tasks filtered only to the tasks relevant to this project. Furthermore, the and pages show tasks only for that team on this project.
Want to see all tasks for a given team? That’s what the page is for.

What’s in this doc

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