6 reasons teams choose Coda over Confluence.

Confluence is your team’s rigid wiki. Coda brings knowledge and collaboration into one flexible doc.

Teams that use Coda to manage projects

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1. More than documentation.

Your team copy-and-pastes into Confluence, but actually works elsewhere. And it slows everyone down. Coda brings collective knowledge—dashboards, briefs, decision logs, and more—into a single space that’s built for moving fast.

Project tracking
For my needs, it's like the developers took the best features of Google Docs, Airtable, Notion and Confluence and wrapped them all up into uniquely powerful and easy-to-use product.
Capterra Review

2. Real-time collaboration.

Instead of requiring multiple steps to edit and publish changes, Coda is collaborative like Google Docs—with the ability to lock down sensitive pages.

3. Built for flexibility.

Your team is constantly challenged by Confluence’s rigidity. Coda lets you customize solutions that work for them.

The tables are the killer feature - when Confluence can't even ship a change to allow people to re-order table rows, Coda's table functionality is simple to use yet ultra powerful.
Jasmine W.
G2 Review

4. Templates from the smartest teams we know.

Every tool has templates. But Coda’s templates are created and time-tested by the most productive teams on the planet.

5. A better connection to Jira.

Anyone can create an issue, ask questions, and make changes to Jira tasks from your Coda doc, without extra Jira licenses or the help of a developer.

Coda allows us to build powerful and flexible documents within minutes without the need for development. Because of the many possibilities for automation we've improved our workflow significantly.
Sally M.
G2 Review

6. Limitless integrations that connect your work and team.

Confluence’s surface-level integrations let you peek into other apps. Coda’s Packs drive data-powered insights and workflows by pushing, pulling, and remixing data.

The ability to incorporate data/tables from outside sources... eliminates the need for files on sharepoint. It can be a place for both process and content storage.
Adam L.
G2 Review

Build a collaborative team hub with Coda.

Ready to bring your knowledge and collaboration together? Sign up or get a demo to see how Coda can help your team manage projects of all sizes.

Coda is honestly the wiki / knowledge management platform I've been looking for my entire career...
Jasmine W.
G2 Review

Switch from Confluence today.

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