Collaboration without constraint.

Coda’s flexible, all-in-one canvas breaks out of Airtable’s database constraints, so your team can work more intuitively.

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Powering world-class teams and over 80% of the Fortune 100

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"It’s more powerful than Google Docs and more flexible than Airtable or Notion."

- Fast Company

Create more without being gridlocked.

Build better databases that scale to over 100k rows, with the flexibility of documents.
Launch tracking
Team hubs
Project tracking
Company OKRs

With fewer divisions, possibilities multiply.

In Airtable, work gets fragmented, siloed and squeezed into boxes. Coda brings your decisions, data, and deadlines together seamlessly, so your team can envision and execute what’s possible, faster.

Weave workflows together with ease.

Airtable apps “adapt”—with spaghetti code and expensive plug-ins. Coda lets anyone build dynamic workflows, with design freedom, space for documentation, and a powerful formula language.

Consolidate your tool stack with 600+ integrations.

With Packs, everyone can work in their own way and extend the reach of their tools, all while reducing paid seats and developer support.

Borrow the blueprints of others.

No need to start from scratch. Get a running start by building off solutions crafted by world-class teams.
Uber's App Redesign Project Doc
How we redesigned and relaunched the Uber driver app
Pinterest’s Pyramid OKRs
How to avoid silos when setting goals at scale.
Google's LaunchCal
Copy one of Google's most renowned internal tools for our own product launches.
Coda is like Word/Docs with the functionality of Excel/Sheets/Airtable and the look of Notion – take all that and put it on steroids... What you end up with is just a doc, the way docs should be.
Robert S.
Capterra Review

Pricing that builds bridges, not barriers.

Paying for every viewer and editor creates barriers to collaboration and sharing. With Coda's Maker billing, everyone is free to view, edit, and contribute. We only charge for doc makers. That’s it.
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Doc Makers
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at $36 per Doc Maker per month
Flexibly evolves with team needs.
600+ integrations and templates.
Never pay for collaborators.
at $54 per seat per month
Fixed table-focused structure.
Limited number of plug-ins.
Even viewers and editors require paid seats.


Can I import my data from Airtable?

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Your team needs to connect more than data, to connect the dots.

Coda blends the best of docs, tables, and apps so your team can build a more seamless operating system that keeps everyone attuned to a single source of truth, and to each other.