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How teams run on Coda

Docs from the smartest people we know.
Tonal's Product Team Hub
How we foster alignment, autonomy, and agility to help every team be their strongest.
Pre-mortems: How a Stripe Product Manager prevents problems before launch
How my team uses pre-mortems to prevent major problems for important launches and initiatives.
How CPO Zac Hays makes fast decisions without meetings
A proven structure for product and company decision making.

Quick starts

Lightweight docs to jump-start your making.
Simple Brainstorm Template
A simple template to help you run a brainstorm in person or remote
Simple Project + Task Tracker
An easy template to track projects and assign tasks (including people, status, and due dates).
Account Plan Template
How Sales & Customer Success can stay aligned on shared customers
Team Retrospective
Run a Team Retrospective to improve your processes
Product Team Starter Kit
A few of our favorite ways to get started managing a Product Team with Coda
One-on-one meeting framework
Five ways to get the most out of one-on-ones.

Featured docs

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Product Requirements Document (PRD)
Align everyone on launch decisions with an interactive PRD.
How to run better, more engaging meetings
Use this guide to kick boring, unproductive meetings to the curb.
ChatGPT copy generator
Create copy for your landing page or home page with ease.

Docs in The Gallery

Palisades Transportation Guide
Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Updates & Resources
Daily updates on COVID-19 including tests, confirmed cases, deaths, recovered patients, and more.
Gokul's S.P.A.D.E. Toolkit
A technique for making difficult decisions—formed in my time as a Google and Facebook exec, and widely deployed at Square.
Pre-mortems: How a Stripe Product Manager prevents problems before launch
How my team uses pre-mortems to prevent major problems for important launches and initiatives.
Product team hub
Keep your team moving in lockstep––by organizing your team in one place.
Hoffman fanmade coffee calculator
Quickly calculate brew ratios for delicious coffee based on James Hoffmann's recipes
Figma's approach to modern PRDs
A brief intro to our Product Requirements Doc template
An inside look at how Figma ships product
Designing the fastest way to keep an entire company up-to-date on our roadmap using a Coda doc and a bit of social engineering.
Rituals for hypergrowth: An inside look at how YouTube scaled
A peek inside how YouTube tackled the 2008 to 2014 hypergrowth years with a unique set of rituals.
Two-way writeups: Coda’s secret to shipping fast
Three simple tips to drive results from written documents.
How to build tasks dependencies with durations in Google Sheets, ClickUp, Monday, Wrike, SmartSheet, Notion, and Coda
This tutorial shows how Google Sheets, ClickUp,, Wrike, Smartsheet, Notion, and Coda handle task dependencies for a project.
How to Find the Perfect CS:GO Mouse Sensitivity
Click mo' betta
Sales CRM
Win deals your way with a visual CRM to manage companies, contacts, and sales pipelines.
Google's LaunchCal
Copy one of Google's most renowned internal tools for our own product launches.
Simple Online Calculator
Easily convert dates and times or explore frequently asked questions.
Getting Started Guide: Coda API
In this Getting Started Guide, we'll introduce you to the Coda API and share examples of how to do more with your Coda docs programatically.
Slack + Coda
Connect the spaces where your team collaborates the most—with Coda Bot for Slack and the Slack Pack.
Repeating Dates Calculator
Make sure repeated events land on the correct weekday
How to Build a DIY Kids Sandbox [+ Pictures]
The joy of building a simple sandbox.
Stratified Sampling Calculator
Lyft’s 3P’s ritual: How 5k employees tune in to what’s actually important
An internal newsfeed system designed to surface relevant updates and streamline meetings.
How to sync data from Coda to Google Sheets (and vice versa) with Google Apps Script tutorial
Keep your data synced across your Coda docs and Google Sheets so you don't have to copy and paste anymore.
Kingdoms of the Winds
Official and unofficial versions of the game Nexus TK.
Square’s 1-on-1 Toolkit: The secret to managing your team’s careers
I'm Jenny, a Design Lead for Square's ECOM team. I developed this 1-on-1 doc to help my designers prioritize their career development and design beyond their day-to-day.
Public Neurodiversity Support Center
Don't worry, we're here to help!
Airlines, Miles, & Transfer Partners
Tool to find transfer partner airlines to make award bookings with credit card points.
Claire's Offsite Toolkit
The Stripe COO's handbook for running offsites that work.
Take action with automations
With 8 examples, learn how you can automatically take actions inside and outside of your doc.
Open-source product playbook
A free, community co-created resource from top product leaders on how to ship faster, launch smoother, and build the best products in the world.
OKRs with Epics
Setting objectives and key results can be an effective way to drive an organization forward towards your team's goals.