Your team’s favorite know-it-all.

AI changed our lives, but not our work.

Chatbots don't know data.

Because it's scattered between dozens of tools that AI can't access.

They overshare.

Confidently responding with wrong answers or sensitive information.

And lack permissions.

Without the ability to track who has access to what.

That changes today. Meet Coda Brain.

A turnkey AI platform that understands your company data and allows anyone to act on it.

No more searching. Instant answers from 500+ tools.

Coda Brain understands all your company knowledge and data by syncing all your tools into a comprehensive, always-connected company brain.

Reliable, real-time insights anyone can access.

Building on Snowflake’s technology, Coda Brain gives unstructured and structured responses. Need a precise data set, graph, or chart? Coda Brain writes the query for you.

Brain-powered docs turn answers into actionable workflows.

Automate and collaborate on any answer from Coda Brain by adding it to a Coda doc, so you have continuously refreshing data right where you work.

Consumer AI ≠ Enterprise AI.

We've come to expect instant answers. But, enterprise AI should also understand company data and permissions. Coda Brain does that—and more.
Coda Brain knows permissions.

Ensuring that everyone only gets answers they have access to.

Cites its answers.

Linking to sources or giving you a live query that you can filter on the fly.

And provides a platform.

Enabling custom reports and applications with an AI-ready data warehouse.

Coda + Snowflake are building the future of enterprise AI, together.

Read more about the partnership from Coda’s CEO, Shishir Mehrotra, and Snowflake’s Head of Product, Christian Kleinerman.

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Your team’s favorite know-it-all.A turnkey AI solution your team can trust.

Unifying your company brain.Bringing together data from 500+ tools.

And turning data into action. Because a question is never just a question.
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