Docs and hubs designed for collaboration.

Coda is an all-in-one platform that blends the flexibility of docs, structure of spreadsheets, power of applications, and intelligence of AI.

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A word processor on steroids.

All the expectations of a modern doc, plus new tricks—like infinite pages, callouts, multi-column layout, collapsible content, and more—to create a truly collaborative space.

A wiki that works for you.

Centralize your team's knowledge, from strategy to schedules, in neatly nested pages. So critical information will never live and leave with one person.
Standup meeting notes - meeting notes in Coda with team reflections, ideas, and votes.

A home for everyone (and thing).

If your information lives everywhere, your team can’t get anywhere. Organize meeting notes, product vision, hard decisions, and more in one doc: your team hub.

And an AI-powered work assistant.

So much more than style and tone. Coda AI helps your team delegate repetitive tasks, rethink content creation, and get insights faster.

Solutions from the world's best teams.

Join Zoom, Product School, Square, and 40,000 other teams that run their teams on Coda.
Zoom's decision making writeup
Product School's PRD
Square's 1:1 doc

Integrated like no other tool.

With Packs, you can bring your must-have tools into Coda.

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