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Comparing Coda and Monday.com

Coda and Monday.com are very different collaboration software tools, but often used to do the same thing - manage projects. This guide helps you compare the two.
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Disclosure Statement & Acknowledgement
As part of the go-to-market team at Coda, I’ve helped hundreds of teams evaluate their project management software needs. These teams range from small businesses to large enterprise teams. I’m an advocate for Coda, however I’ve done my best to maintain an objective perspective in this guide to provide a fair evaluation of Coda and monday.com for project management.

Product Philosophies

Monday.com focuses on use cases, describing itself as, “the Work OS that powers teams to run processes, projects and everyday work their way.” Monday.com provides an out-of-the-box project management solution with some customization and automation capabilities. The core product centers around tasks and dependencies (subtasks), with visualizations that can be customized to teams and users, including dashboards, calendars and charts.
Coda describes itself as, “A new doc for teams.” Coda takes the familiar writing surface of a doc, and gives you building blocks to create personalized solutions for your team. Meeting notes, team wikis, project hubs, product roadmaps, OKRs and project trackers are now easy to configure with building blocks like tables, charts, interactive buttons, calendars, and automations.

Project Management Specifics

Coda and monday.com are both cloud-based software applications that facilitate realtime collaboration. They include structured tables with visualizations (Gantt charts, calendars, kanban boards), alerts, notifications, and integrations with common 3rd Party productivity apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack and Jira.
Monday is built for project management, and it's especially great when you have standard project - tracking tasks across a group of people. However, Coda is going to work best when you want the flexibility to built a project hub around your tables, with things like meeting notes, write-ups, and other assets related to your work.
For a deeper dive, check out the and pages to see how monday.com and Coda compare.


Monday.com pricing

. This means that anyone who creates or edits a doc is charged, and viewers with read-only access are free. There is a minimum requirement of 5-paid users, however as you add more users or switch from monthly to annual plans, you observe savings-per-user.
Monday.com offers a 14-day trial period of their Pro account that allows you to check out features like charts, private boards, and formulas that are only available on Pro accounts and above. Their Basic plan starts at $8/user/month and has unlimited viewers and boards.

Coda pricing

. This means you only pay for doc makers, and you can have an unlimited number of Editors and Viewers at no charge. Editors can add and edit text, tables, buttons, templates, and all other Coda building blocks in docs created by makers.
Coda offers a generous Free tier with no fixed trial period. This includes unlimited docs and folders, data visualizations (tables, charts, calendars, kanban boards, etc.), some integrations, and access to the Coda API. Paid tiers offer more automation, deeper integrations, larger doc sizes and more administrative controls.

Maker Billing Comparison

Here’s a breakdown for how a team might be invoiced for ($30/month per doc maker) and ($10/month per user)
Number of Seats
Coda's Cost
Monday's Cost
People who create docs
People who access and make changes to docs
People who read and interact with docs without saving changes
There are no rows in this table
To see a custom comparison based on your team size and composition, check out the section of this doc.

3rd Party Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what customers have to say about monday.com and Coda online!
- 4.6 rating (1,181 reviews)
- 4.8 rating (63 reviews)

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