Coda for project management

The best project plans are meticulous and organized. They also have a pulse. Coda is the all-in-one doc project managers use to create intuitive roadmaps (and simple to-do lists) everyone wants to use.

Project timeline in Coda - example timeline of project tasks by date

Take a peek inside.

A set of building blocks to help your team do more, faster.

Don’t start from scratch. Drag and drop what you need.


Maintain your team’s source of truth with tables that talk to each other.

Customized dashboards

Everyone can work off the same data, in their own preferred way.

A few of the 50,000+ teams that run on Coda.

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Take the direct flight.

When your project is spread across tools, your day is spent in transit, hoping everything arrives in one piece. Unpack in Coda, where you can take notes, track progress, get reminders, communicate with teammates, and get feedback—with zero jet lag.
A look inside Coda that shows a Figma design file, a Jira tracker, and connections with Gmail and Slack
A screenshot of a project tracker built in Coda - a view of task name, status, due date, and more.

Spectacular views.

Projects with cross-functional dependencies and elaborate workflows can trip up even the most dedicated teams. Coda organizes the entirety of your project puzzle, creating the customized dashboards everyone needs to see the pieces that are relevant to them.
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Coda makes it easy for people to get the information they need, which not only saves time, but also empowers them to do the job.
Mark Iafratte
Mark Iafrate
PMM & Partnerships at Intercom

Plays nicely with your tools.

With Packs and integrations via Zapier, you can connect your doc with the other apps you use. Keep all your meetings and recordings in on place with the Zoom Pack. Or have your doc schedule all your new hire onboarding sessions with one click via the Google Calendar Pack.

Choose from hundreds of Packs in our Gallery.

The doc that can do it all.

Bring together your project workflows into one place across documentation, tracking, and collaboration.
Project proposal
Team hub
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Project tracker
A product launch proposal in Coda - problem statement, solution statement, and an embedded Figma design doc.

Coda is a leader in 10 different software categories thanks to our reviewers.

Come for the project management solutions. Stay for the flexibility of an all-in-one doc that does much more.
G2 badge awarded to Coda for Easiest To Do Business, Enterprise, Summer 2022
G2 badge awarded to Coda for Leader in Small Business, Summer 2022
G2 badge awarded to Coda for High Performer, Enterprise, Summer 2022
G2 badge awarded to Coda for Momentum Leader, Summer 2022

Templates: Your running start.

The easiest way to get started is with pressure-tested planning templates in the Gallery that are ready for you to pick up and use, and can easily be customized to work better for your team.
Google's LaunchCal
Copy one of Google's most renowned internal tools for our own product launches.
Betterment's Launch Marketing Template
A doc that centralizes all aspects of a project from Betterment. From kickoff to marketing; this template is a growing repository of info about your project.
How to Write a Project Punch List
Create a punch list for your next project to make sure everyone involved is on top of their tasks. Try Coda’s practical punch list template!

Get started your way.

Ready to track projects with more confidence and ease? Try Coda today or attend a demo webinar to see how Coda can help your team manage projects of all sizes.