Coda case studies

Learn how other companies use Coda to save time and money- while maximizing their productivity.
How Tonal streamlined its product operations with Coda
Zach Lebovics
Staff Product Manager, Tonal
How Oportun merged two cultures with Coda
Ron Hanna
Vice President of Technology Operations, Oportun
How Meesho cut their meeting time by 25% with Coda.
Aastha Shah
Sr. Manager, CEO's office, Meesho
How Pinterest saves $10k per quarter with Coda.
Naveen Gavini
Former SVP of Products at Pinterest
How TED created the ultimate team wiki in Coda.
Kate Fenton
Employee Experience Manager at TED
How Plato saved $200k a year with Coda.
Quang Hoang
Founder & CEO at Plato
How Foraged cut their time to market by 2 months with Coda.
Jack Hamrick
Co-founder and CEO at Foraged
How Intercom PMMs save one day a month working in Coda.
Mark Iafratte
Mark Iafrate
PMM & Partnerships at Intercom
How Searchlight saves 15-30 hours each week with Coda.
Kerry Wang
Kerry Wang
CEO of Searchlight
How Appetiser grew from $2M to $8M in 2 years with Coda.
Jamie Shostak
Jamie Shostak
Founder and Director at Appetiser
How NEOS Design saves 500 hours a year running on Coda.
Martín Vilches
Founder and CEO of NEOS Design
How Tempo tripled productivity with Coda.
Ilyssa Russ
Learning and Development Manager at Tempo
How Outsource.Digital saved $20K by replacing Jira and other tools with Coda.
Andy Beveridge
CEO of Outsource.Digital
How PixMob boosted efficiency by 30% with Coda.
Sophie Blondeau
Executive Producer at PixMob