Top 4 tips for implementing OKRs at your organization

Best practices for implementing OKRs.

The Coda team

Top 4 tips for implementing OKRs at your organization

By The Coda team

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Keeping track of progress toward your OKRs serves as a motivating factor to achieve those goals while also uncovering which focus areas are falling short. With the right adaptation, an OKR methodology for planning and tracking are a natural extension of everything a team does—and the OKRs themselves serve as motivation for forward momentum. Coda makes the OKR process transparent via data visualizations, accessibility to other tools, and increasing visibility to progress with dashboards. At Coda, our central OKR docs are generally inserted into the staples of everyone’s schedule with Cross-doc, including one-on-one and team meetings. We keep them straightforward with a template that consists of two connected tables that measure progress on both objectives and key results.

Measuring progress of OKRs.

Then, we customize the tables using Coda’s building blocks, like views, charts, and Packs, to design a tracking system highlighting what’s important to that team or individual. Visualization plays a significant role in how people understand data. Timelines, otherwise known as Gantt charts, provide digestible snapshots of your timetable and signal when an OKR is “over.” With a bit of conditional formatting, colors can quickly communicate when a project is overdue and highlight opportunities to adjust the plan.
Connecting OKRs to the other tools your team uses daily, like Jira, creates an instant feedback loop and adds visibility for any stakeholders who happen to peek into the doc. For example, we use Coda’s Jira Pack to connect and track Jira issues in the goals table—allowing you to track your work with an automatically-updating progress bar.
We built the Ultimate Coda Handbook for Planning and OKRs to help you get started implementing OKRs at your company. It's full of templates, tips, and recommendations learned from 100s of teams.

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