Power up your docs with Packs.

Choose from hundreds of Packs to customize how your Coda doc looks, works, and integrates.

Adding the Figma Pack, Github Pack into a project tracker in Coda. Send updates through the Slack Pack.

What are Packs?

In a world of tab switching and copy-pasting, too many tools equal too little work. Coda is the doc that brings everything from your team’s scattered tools together. And Packs are the power-ups that perfect how your doc looks, works, and integrates.

Extend your favorite tools with Coda.

Get more out of your tool stack with Packs—flex beyond standard integrations by customizing Coda’s tables, buttons, and more. And there’s no need to start from scratch. We have a Gallery of Packs to help your work feel less like work.

Product teams

Product-led growth is unpredictable enough with the chaos of outdated roadmaps, user research, design backlogs. Packs keep your single source of truth fresh by pushing out and pulling in real-time updates to tools like Jira, Asana, Airtable, and more.
Product brief built in Coda - shows problem statements, design flows and Jira tickets in one central place.
Critique log with Figma - a Coda doc where teams can post ideas and designs from Figma and then review and comment.

Design teams

Collect feedback on mocks. Gain consensus on design decisions. Add visual context to project briefs. Packs enable easy collaboration and alignment by bringing Figma designs, Dropbox assets, user research clips, and more into any doc.

Sales and marketing

Between updating accounts, managing email lists, reviewing sales calls, your workflows are minimizing your productivity. Packs simplify the tedium and reduce distractions through automation.
Execution plan built in Coda - integrated with Salesforce and Slack, showing customer information, action items, and milestone status

Enterprise-grade security

Packs are built with security in mind. Packs only share & request data from declared websites. Encrypted log in credentials never touch Pack code, Pack makers, or shared users. You can learn more about individual Pack security on its listing page.

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