Cheddar's Clip Articles Doc

Manage your editorial team workflow, bringing writers and editors together in one doc. Now with automated and customizable notifications!

About this doc

Peyton and Jen handle operations for the NY-based media company Cheddar. They created this ‘Clip Articles’ doc to help their editorial team assign, draft, edit, and publish the content that goes up on their CMS system. It’s become the single source of truth, where anyone can go see the current stage of content, and to understand the workload of each writer and editor.

With automations, they can notify their team (via Slack or email, depending on the recipient’s preference) when articles change ‘hands’ in the editorial process.

Key features

About the Maker

Jen Jefferies

When Jen showed up at the NY-based media company Cheddar, her new boss Peyton shared the Coda beta with her. And Jen ran miles with it. A formula ingenue, Jen's docs range from intricate, built-out workflows to simple, classic schemas, like this Clip Article Doc above.

Jen's templates

Peyton Marcus

Have you ever heard someone say, "I love normalizing data into a table?" If so, maybe you know Peyton. She's the master architect behind the operational scaffolding that powers the NY-based media company Cheddar.

Peyton's templates

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