Account Plan Template

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Account Plan Template

How Sales & Customer Success can stay aligned on shared customers
Account Plans are an important piece of the Sales & Customer Success motion. An Account Plan is an internal document that is created to keep everyone working an account (Sales Rep, Customer Success Manager, Executive Sponsor, etc.) on the same page. It is also common to perform a at this stage to uncover additional change and growth opportunities.
Where as other documents, such as a Mutual Evaluation Plans or Success Plans, are meant to be customer-facing and collaborative, Account Plans are not meant to be shared with the client. They provide a safe space to document the client’s goals, sentiment, champions, and risks and opportunities.

What this doc includes:

: The central hub for for all things related to the client. A great place to include background on the company, why they purchased, their goals for using your product or service, and any other relevant account information.
: A list of the internal team supporting the client, as well as your client’s key players. Use a scale column-type to track their sentiment towards your product or service.
: Here lies the meat of the account plan. Track your client’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as next steps.
: Provide more in-depth context on high priority threats and the steps you are taking to address those threats.
: Take meeting notes right in the doc.

Use this Coda doc to build your Account Plans

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