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Dreamline Calculator by Tim Ferriss

This step-by-step calculator helps you define your dreams and achieve your ideal lifestyle.

What is Dreamlining?

Dreamlining is an exercise developed by bestselling author and investor to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle. The focus is on thinking big, defining steps, and applying timelines to your dreams.
It is one of the most popular exercises from Tim's bestselling book (“System Reset" chapter). No more wishing you could do or be X in five years; now is the time to be, as Tim says, unreasonable and unambiguous. You can also see Tim's about Dreamlining on .
Here are the steps you will take to create your dreamline and ideal lifestyle:
Step 1:
Select whether you want to build a 6- or 12-month dreamline or both!
Step 2:
Identify the things you dream of having, including, but not limited to, material wants—house, car, clothing, etc.
Step 3:
List jobs, occupations, etc., that you dream of being, such as a great cook or fluent in Chinese.
Step 4:
Name the things you dream of doing or the experiences you dream of having—for example: visiting Thailand, tracing your roots overseas, racing ostriches, etc.
Step 5:
From the having, being and doing dreams you wrote, pick the 4 most important dreams, those that would truly change your life.
Step 6:
Determine the costs and next steps for the 4 dreams you picked.
Step 7:
List your monthly expenses (phone, internet, rent, etc.).
Step 8:
Results from the calculator! What you will need to earn on a monthly and daily basis to achieve your dreams and ideal lifestyle.
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Watch a YouTube tutorial on how to use this template:

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