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To-do listsPersonal goals
To-do listsPersonal goals

Plan your year

Docs to turn resolutions into reality.
Planning Your Dream Life
This simple step-by-step planning tool helps you define your dreams, achieve your ideal lifestyle, and plan for "retirement".
Personal Goals
Track your personal goals and growth with this simple, customizable tracker.
Transform your New Year's resolutions
An interactive yearly goal planner to convert your resolutions into a concrete plan.

Docs in Personal productivity

Hoffman fanmade coffee calculator
Quickly calculate brew ratios for delicious coffee based on James Hoffmann's recipes
Pre-mortems: How a Stripe Product Manager prevents problems before launch
How my team uses pre-mortems to prevent major problems for important launches and initiatives.
Eigenquestions: The Art of Framing Problems
Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Updates & Resources
Daily updates on COVID-19 including tests, confirmed cases, deaths, recovered patients, and more.
How to Find the Perfect CS:GO Mouse Sensitivity
Click mo' betta
Dreamline Calculator by Tim Ferriss
This step-by-step calculator helps you define your dreams and achieve your ideal lifestyle.
Law School Admissions Checklist and Results Tracker Template
Everything you need to do to apply to law school
How to Build a DIY Kids Sandbox [+ Pictures]
The joy of building a simple sandbox.
Meeting notes
Meeting notes
Shishir's To-Do List Philosophy
Assignment Tracker
A simple solution to track your assignments and work!
Public Neurodiversity Support Center
Don't worry, we're here to help!
66 Day Challenge Habit Tracker by Robin Sharma
This template allows you to track your daily activities so that you can hit the 66-day mark to turn your activity into a habit.
The Notion User's Guide to Coda (2022 Edition)
Track and analyze your expenses
View and add expenses, review your spending habits and customize categories.
Interactive Marathon Training Plan
Thanks for checking out my marathon training plan!
Our favorite buttons
Nine buttons to help transform your team’s doc into an easy-to-use app.
Fear-Setting by Tim Ferriss
Define your fears instead of your goals to overcome inaction.
Jessica Powell's Guide to Great 1:1s
Shishir's Color-What-Matters Calendar Guide
Why (& how) coloring your calendar can solve your time issues.
Time tracker
Start and stop the clock throughout the day for each category of activity you spend time on, and set up customizable notifications
GTD®: 6 Horizons of Focus by David Allen
"Work" can be viewed at different altitudes or horizons of focus. Use 6 Horizons of Focus to frame your conversations, questions, and tasks to define your work.
Flexible Invoice System
This is a template to illustrate how a Coda doc can become a light-weight invoicing system.
Simple To-Do List
Simple To-Do List
Check off tasks. That's it.
The Inbox-Zero Challenge: How long can you keep up your streak?
My guide to achieving and maintaining Inbox Zero.
The Place on Web To Find Reading Lists on Any Topic
Des Traynor's 4-Step Prioritised Productivity Guide
The Intercom co-founder's guide to stop letting everyone else control _your_ time.
Podcast Planner
Relatively Productive Podcast Planner
Set reminders
Use this doc to set recurring hourly, daily or weekly reminders that notify you by email, and push to your phone if you use the Coda iPhone app.
GTD® by David Allen
The GTD (Getting Things Done) system was created by productivity consultant David Allen. This template gives you the ability to apply the GTD system to your own life.