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Simple Brainstorm Template

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Brainstorming Template For Better Ideation

A simple template to help you run a brainstorm in person or remote

Brainstorm Agenda

1. Gather ideas

Everyone spend the next 10 minutes adding their ideas here, this can be done quietly →

2. Discuss

Everyone takes it in turn to explain 2 or 3 of their best ideas and let the group discuss.

3. Vote

Give everyone 2 or 3 votes to add to their favorite ideas
Take the top ideas and talk about them further and how they could be flesh out

✅ Brainstorming tips:

Add prompts that will help guide real time ideation
They should give boundaries like time and scope limits
Or suggest brainstorming techniques like: "What is the opposite of one idea?"
Opposite example: Instead of promoting something as simple and easy, was promote it as rich and complex
Focus on "Yes and" to build on ideas rather than shutting them down
Start creating actions for how you would take them forward.
Use templates to replace sticky notes for documented mind mapping

Brainstorm Template FAQ

How do you create a brainstorming document?

Simply and use the 3 steps listed above: gather ideas from your team, discuss and combine related ideas, then vote on the best ones to prioritize as action steps in your workflow.

How do you run an effective brainstorming session?

The best way to get the most out of a brainstorming session is to make sure that team members come to the meeting prepared with their ideas so that the meeting can focus on the flow of ideas, rather than ideation. It is also useful to adopt a problem solving lens and keep an open mind to creative solutions that might come up during the discussion.

How do you brainstorm online?

A lot of brainstorming is done online, especially with remote teams becoming more common. A good way to keep everything on track is to use a template that communicates expectations, big picture goals, and how the team will prioritize ideas clearly. The facilitator should also ensure that all stakeholders get a chance to participate.

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