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Student Assignment Tracker

A simple solution to track your assignments and work!
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👋 Intro

My name is Jason Sol, a recent grad from Babson College. I’ve interned at some companies including Roblox, and Hubspot, and PlayStation! I use this doc to keep track of my schoolwork and get things done. If you want to get work done too, keep reading! Also due to the popularity of this doc feel free to connect with me on or leave a tip on my venmo at @soljason 😂

🤯 Why use the doc?

This doc was created to help you keep track of and complete your assignments. If standard productivity tools are usually overly complicated for you, this might work well for you. I made sure to keep this doc very simple in how you enter your assignments, and how you complete them.
Scroll down to get started!

📋 Doc Breakdown

Add new assignments to your list, keep track of their due dates!


Place to check exactly what work you need to do today!

Plan ahead and get your work done for the week!

Get a monthly overview of what you have coming up!

▶️ Getting Started

Make a copy of the doc if you want to use it yourself!
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2. Input your topics below! This could range of school subjects to other work, whichever you way you want to categorize it. The amount of subjects is limited to 6.
Software Systems
User Experience Design
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Once you got your subjects down, you’re ready to roll!

Hop Straight into your

Have questions about the doc? Feel free to reach out to me on twitter

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