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Slack + Coda

Connect the spaces where your team collaborates the most—with Coda Bot for Slack and the Slack Pack.
Coda gives you two ways to connect your docs to Slack: Coda Bot for Slack and the Slack Pack.

Coda Bot for Slack

There are a lot of places to communicate and share ideas with your teammates. An @-mention in a doc. A comment on a table row. A ping on Slack. We decided to help close that loop a bit and make it easier to get timely updates and information from Coda directly in Slack.
Introducing: Coda Bot for Slack!
When you connect Coda to Slack, Coda Bot unlocks:
Improved previews for Coda links shared in Slack. Whether you share a link to a doc, a page, or a row, everyone in the discussion will see previews that provide context on which doc hosts the content being shared, with links to go directly to the referenced content.
Easier sharing. We’ve all done itーyou Slack someone a link, and they don’t have permission to view it. Now, when you share a Coda link in a DM or Channel, you’ll be notified if your Slack audience doesn’t have access to the doc with options to share with conversation members or your entire team right from Slack! (You can also skip this and retain the doc sharing settings.)
Slack directory integration. You can connect your docs to Slack so that members of your Slack workspace are easily searchable when adding @-mentioning people, adding them to a “people” column in a table, or sharing a doc with them.
Coda Notifications in Slack. When you @-mention someone in a comment or a doc, Coda Bot for Slack will alert the @-mentioned user(s) so they can quickly find their mention and respond or take action. Added bonus: Coda Bot aggregates these for each user in Slack, so you don’t have to search through all of the comments in a doc to find where you’re mentioned!

Setting up Coda Bot only takes a simple, one-time update to your account settings:
Navigate to .
Scroll down to “Other Integrations.”
Click “Connect” for Slack.

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 7.02.11 PM.png
Once you’ve connected the Slack integration, Coda Bot for Slack will message your team members with a link to sign-in. Individual settings and preferences can also be managed from from

The Slack Pack

Coda Packs connect your Coda docs to the apps you use everyday — the ones you and your team communicate, code, and design in. And they work by supercharging the existing building blocks in Coda.
With the , you can pull in messages from your Slack channels, and send Slack updates and reminders directly from your doc.
Slack (2).gif
Because some of us learn by doing, we’ve pulled together a few commonly-used examples for the Slack Pack. Explore, copy, and adapt the pages below to fit your team:

Any questions?

If you need help setting up Coda Bot for Slack or the Slack Pack, make sure to or .

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