Palisades Transportation Guide

General Transportation Information

PHS highly recommends that all students use CMS buses for transportation next year. We will add 600 additional students to our campus, which will further impact student drop-off, pick-up, and all traffic around the school.
Should you choose to drive your child to school, we recommend that you arrive by 6:45 am so that your child is not tardy (and locked out of 1st block). Students who ride the bus will not be consequenced with lockout if they arrive late.

All bus riders need to sign up for service. Click
to register.

For more bus information go to the page of the CMS website.


Drop Off Procedures

We will be expediting the traffic coming to school by running two lanes all the way to the front of the building. In order for traffic to move smoothly, cars must use both lanes.
Copy of Recommendation - PHS Traffic  Parking Plan (as of 24 JAN 2023) - Copy.pptx.png


Pickup Procedures

We will run a single-lane pickup line, like we did last year. This will allow cars to use the other lane to leave campus once they have picked up their students.
Recommendation - PHS Traffic  Parking Plan (as of 24 JAN 2023) - Copy.pptx (1).png

Student Driver Registration

Must register to park on campus
Must be a Senior or Junior at Palisades HS
Must hold a valid driver license (NOT a learner permit)
Must drive a car that is properly licensed and registered.
Come see 1st Sergeant Smith in Room 116 for your Parking Sticker
Parking privileges may be revoked for disciplinary reasons. In this instance, processing fee will not be refunded.
Unregistered parking or parking while privileges are suspended may result in vehicle being booted or towed at owner's expense.
Contact 1SG Smith with more Student Parking questions:
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