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The Coda arcade

A collection of docs that make you go up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.
Make Your Own Jeopardy Game
Make an online Jeopardy game in Coda!
Codan Wordle
A Coda-powered version of the popular game by Josh Wardle
The Writing Game
Remote Pub Quiz for Zoom
Choose a quiz master, create your quiz and run it with your friends or team
Start here to learn how to play Codanames.
Two Truths and a Lie - Free Virtual Game
A fun, free way to play two truths and a lie with a group online!

Docs in Entertainment

How to Find the Perfect CS:GO Mouse Sensitivity
Click mo' betta
Interactive Animal Crossing Art Guide
Jolly Redd is shady—even Isabelle thinks so... Here's a quick way to know what you're buying legit works of art. Or not, if that's your thing.
Make Your Own Jeopardy Game
Make an online Jeopardy game in Coda!
600+ Free Online Board Games to Play Right Now | Coda
Check out this list of free online board games to play with friends and family!
Repeating Dates Calculator
Make sure repeated events land on the correct weekday
How to Build a DIY Kids Sandbox [+ Pictures]
The joy of building a simple sandbox.
Kingdoms of the Winds
Official and unofficial versions of the game Nexus TK.
Claire's Offsite Toolkit
The Stripe COO's handbook for running offsites that work.
The Masked Singer Guessing Game
I love the Masked Singer, so I spun up this game to see which of my friends was the best guesser. Want to join in on the fun?
Podcast Planner
Relatively Productive Podcast Planner
How to Run Family Quarantine Olympics
Random Team Generator
This random team generator is a practical online tool that takes a list of names and randomly assigns people to teams. Add or remove teams and teams automatically rebalance.
Spotify + Coda
Connect your playlists up to Coda
Emoji Movie Quiz
Guess the Oscar winning movie name from the emoji description!
How Playing StarCraft Can Teach You About Startups and Life
This blog post explores how StarCraft can teach you skills about business and startups.
D&D Dungeon Master Campaign Manager
Prepare your campaign for simple management and note-taking. And, it's mobile friendly!
Ticket To Ride Scoring Calculator
An easy to use scoring calculator for the popular board game
Cain's Jawbone
Ultimate Taylor Swift Song Guide
The Ultimate Taylor Swift Guide
Hackathon Innovation Ritual: How we grow our best ideas
Hackathon is one of our most sacred rituals at Coda, and we’re excited to give you a behind-the-scenes look, plus a template so you can run your own Hackathon.
Pokemon Go PVP Guide
Stats 'n' Stories: Knowledge Sharing Meeting
📈 Stats + 📖 Stories = 🤯 Insight
Wedding Planning Template
This wedding planning template can be your all-in-one, 100% customizable tool to plan your wedding. Forget all the separate spreadsheets, docs, to-do lists, and photo boards. Bring it all together and stay organized in just the way you want in Coda!
Collaborative Movie / TV List
What are my friends watching? A collaborative movie and TV list you and your friends can use in real time.
Book Riot 2022 Read Harder Challenge
Use this doc to run a book bingo challenge with friends and family
Persian Calendar
Animal Crossing Fish and Bug Guide (Northern Hemisphere)
Post-Secondary Curriculum Builder
Everything you need to plan and design the implementation of your next curriculum.
The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck Template
This template turns the flowchart from Sarah Knight's The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck book into an interactive exercise. Just click buttons to move through the questions.
How to Run a Virtual Hackathon - Coda
Your team may be distributed, but that doesn't mean you can't bring everyone together.