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Go-to-market strategySocial mediaLaunch trackingContent planning
Go-to-market strategySocial mediaLaunch trackingContent planning

Docs in Marketing

Four Myths of Bundling
The Superhuman Product/Market Fit Engine
This document contains a powerful engine to define, measure, and systematically increase product/market fit.
Google's LaunchCal
How every company can recreate one of Google's most famous internal tools.
Content library
Content library
One doc to track (and draft) all of your content.
The ultimate OKR toolkit for product marketers by Product Marketing Alliance
Now you're familiar with all the OKRs available to you, here's your companion toolkit to help implement all - or at the very least some - of them.
Blog & Social Media Scheduler
A powerful tool to re-schedule your evergreen content
Intercom's Launch Playbook
Guideline for any launch you might be planning as a product marketer. You can use it to define the messaging, determine the level of investment based on the importance of the milestone, and outline all the activities needed to get it out the door.
The Marketing Team Starter Kit
A collection of free, time-saving templates for better workflows, cross-functional partnerships, and internal visibility.
Betterment's Launch Marketing Template
A doc that centralizes all aspects of a project from Betterment. From kickoff to marketing; this template is a growing repository of info about your project.
Brainstorm Blog Topics by Sumo
Generate blog topics through this step-by-step template. Based on a blog post on Sumo by Nat Eliason .
The Digital Agency Operating System
An agency-in-a-box to manage your business
Webflow Pack: Start Here
The Webflow Pack is here to give you more flexibility while working with the Webflow CMS, enabling all the power of Coda with your Webflow data.
Marketer Starter Kit
A marketer starter kit to help you acquire users and build your brand.
Personal CRM
A simple Coda doc to track interactions with important people in my life.
Sentence starters
Sentence starters
Kickstart any discussion with a customizable set of prompts.
Content Strategy Framework [tool]
A model for strategic thinking in content marketing
The Sales Team Starter Kit
Our guide to building success-driven docs that scale with your team.
Personal CRM with Texting
This personal CRM template lets you stay in touch with friends and colleagues. Easily add people and interactions with the click of a button.
Intercom's R&D Hub
Intercom's R&D roadmap and goals were stuck in disconnected spreadsheets and documents. So Aislinn built a Coda doc to keep R&D, Sales, and Marketing on the same page.
Product Launch Hub
A doc for tracking launches—whether you're launching a small feature update or a big, complex product.
Product Pricing Strategy
A guide to the analytical heavy-lifting for product pricing decisions
Semrush Keyword Research Template
Use this template to find keywords your competitors are ranking on and prioritize opportunities by difficulty
Welcome to the World of Intake Forms
The Journey begins!
Personal Sales Tracker
Track your deals as fluidly as our prospects engage with us
Design sprint LIBRARY
Twitter Pack Explorer
Learn how to use the Twitter Pack to explore tweets, users, and more!
Asset Update Manager
Make sure all your articles, videos, and assets stay up to date with every launch
Vendor Scorecard for Inventory Management
Track the performance of the vendors you're purchasing from to better estimate everything from lead times to damage rates.
Real Estate CRM with Integromat + ManyChat
A template that incorporates Integromat and the ManyChat messenger bot for a real estate scenario. You can edit this template for any CRM type of use case.
Editor Starter Kit
A starter kit for editing, copywriting, and content teams to produce content for a variety of mediums.