Democratize your data with Coda + Snowflake.

Make your company's data available to the entire team—and bring it to life in a collaborative surface.

Your data and team are divided.

Only your data professionals can access your treasure troves of data. They build a dashboard, but everyone else needs to copy-paste into docs and slides to transform the data into insights.

And everyone is distracted.

Instead of making an impact, your team is caught in a frustrating loop of searching for context, interrupting the flow of others to find it, and submitting requests just to see the same data presented in slightly different ways.

Coda + Snowflake turn data into action across the enterprise.

Read more about the partnership from Coda’s CEO, Shishir Mehrotra, and Snowflake’s Head of Product, Christian Kleinerman.

Our first step: The Snowflake Pack.

Bring Snowflake data into Coda's collaborative surface with the Snowflake Pack. Then build dashboards, run data-driven rituals—like account plans with live usage data or OKRs with real-time output metrics—and automate workflows, right from your doc.

Accessibility enables data-informed decisions.

The Snowflake Pack brings all your company data into your Coda docs. So your team can access the data they need, where they're already collaborating.

Data is collaborative—and actionable.

Pulling structured and unstructured data together is just the first step. When business intelligence is contextualized in a Coda doc, data becomes collaborative, engaging, and actionable for the whole team.

Anyone can create data-powered workflows.

Anyone can use Coda's building blocks to create flexible, connected apps and automated workflows—without developer involvement.

The future of enterprise AI is here: Coda Brain.

Powered by Snowflake, Coda Brain is your team’s favorite know-it-all—a turnkey AI platform that understands your company data, can respond in text and tables, and is permission-aware.

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Your team is distracted by the data-action divide.Company data is siloed from non-technical knowledge workers on your team and the tools that get work done.

Get started now: The Snowflake Pack.Provide a connection between Snowflake and Coda that gives data professionals the leverage to work faster and enable everyone else to act on their data.

We have more in mind for the future of AI.The Coda and Snowflake teams are working on more ways to bring unstructured and structured information together—with AI.
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