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Task trackingBriefsRoadmappingTo-do listsScheduling


Coda for product teams

From kickoff to launch, all in one doc.

Centralize meeting notes, decisions, and more in your new single source of truth.

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Build your project management hub

One place to plan, execute, track, and more.
Gantt Project Plan
Schedule tasks on a timeline and track other project parts like notes, meetings, and retrospectives.
Project Roadmap Guide [+ Resource Utilization Template]
A project roadmap with resource utilization shows a high-level overview of a project's deliverables as well as the resources required to complete the project.
RICE Framework for Prioritization [+Template]
Use our free RICE framework prioritization template.
Simple Project + Task Tracker
An easy template to track projects and assign tasks (including people, status, and due dates).
Manage a Project
Start your project right
Team hub template
A one-stop shop for everything related to our team, initiatives, and processes.

Docs in Project management

Gokul's S.P.A.D.E. Toolkit
A technique for making difficult decisions—formed in my time as a Google and Facebook exec, and widely deployed at Square.
Pre-mortems: How a Stripe Product Manager prevents problems before launch
How my team uses pre-mortems to prevent major problems for important launches and initiatives.
Product team hub
Keep your team moving in lockstep––by organizing your team in one place.
Figma's approach to modern PRDs
A brief intro to our Product Requirements Doc template
Rituals for hypergrowth: An inside look at how YouTube scaled
A peek inside how YouTube tackled the 2008 to 2014 hypergrowth years with a unique set of rituals.
Decision brief
Decision brief
Have the right people weigh in on an upcoming decision.
How to build tasks dependencies with durations in Google Sheets, ClickUp, Monday, Wrike, SmartSheet, Notion, and Coda
This tutorial shows how Google Sheets, ClickUp,, Wrike, Smartsheet, Notion, and Coda handle task dependencies for a project.
Lyft’s 3P’s ritual: How 5k employees tune in to what’s actually important
An internal newsfeed system designed to surface relevant updates and streamline meetings.
Google's LaunchCal
How every company can recreate one of Google's most famous internal tools.
Zoom's decision-making framework
How to identify, communicate, and solve tough problems.
Two-way writeups: Coda’s secret to shipping fast
Three simple tips to drive results from written documents.
Project plan
Track project notes and tasks in one place
Repeating Dates Calculator
Make sure repeated events land on the correct weekday
Research Methodology
Gantt Project Plan
Schedule tasks on a timeline and track other project parts like notes, meetings, and retrospectives.
Content library
Content library
One doc to track (and draft) all of your content.
Iterative project management: What is it & when to use it?
Foster collaboration and rapid prototyping with this flexible style of project management.
Why your company needs rituals: A Masters of Scale companion doc
Templates and insights from on the 8/18/20 episode of Masters of Scale.
Simple Project + Task Tracker
An easy template to track projects and assign tasks (including people, status, and due dates).
How to Build a Product Plan in 15 Minutes [+Templates]
Building your own product plan example is easy in Coda. With this product plan template, you can quickly view your team’s resource allocation across various product features.
OKRs with Epics
Setting objectives and key results can be an effective way to drive an organization forward towards your team's goals.
The Notion User's Guide to Coda (2022 Edition)
Project Brief with Jira
The Project Brief is designed to include an entire Product Story in a single doc.
Design Team Hub
This team hub template can be you digital HQ, combining a team wiki, project management, asset library, meetings, and requests. Help your teammates avoid context switching and give them the information they need to succeed all in one place.
Product Team Starter Kit
A few of our favorite ways to get started managing a Product Team with Coda
Uber's App Redesign Project Doc
How we redesigned and relaunched the Uber driver app
Intercom's Launch Playbook
Guideline for any launch you might be planning as a product marketer. You can use it to define the messaging, determine the level of investment based on the importance of the milestone, and outline all the activities needed to get it out the door.
Coda + Miro
A perfect pairing of digital canvases.
Product Alignment Framework: How Miro navigated explosive growth to 20 million users
A tool for structured product discovery and retrospectives strong enough for high-growth startups.
Epics and issues
Epics and issues
Create a hierarchy of tasks for your team.