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March 2023
Quick nav (beta)
Quick nav helps you find any doc in your workspace without needing to access the doc list. You can search across your workspace, thumb through folders, and switch between docs without opening more tabs.
QuickNav_Setup_Community Post (1).gif
Custom Domains
Turn your Coda doc into a published website. Custom domains let you publish Coda docs to your own branded URL.
Comp-1 (1) (1) (1).gif
February 2023
Improved Pack search
You search for a use case or category, like “project tracker” or “time management,” and Coda will find the Packs, sync tables, buttons, and other building blocks that you need. Try it by searching in the / menu or the insert panel.
Pack Search Community Post.2 (2).gif
Import CSV files to existing tables (beta)
Now in beta, the CSV importer lets you add CSV files into existing tables in your Coda doc.
CSV Importer Update.gif
Formula comments
By enclosing parts of your formulas with /* and */, that portion will become a comment. To comment out an entire line, prefix the line with //.
2-21-23 Formula comments_2 (1).gif
January 2023
Coda mobile updates
The Coda app has another batch of updates help your team collaborate seamlessly, including a full screen for reading, easier page navigation, and ability to add/hide pages.
image (8).png
Change public doc settings
Organization admins can change doc access settings from the organization settings.
View, add, or remove org admins
In the organization settings, org admins can view, add or remove other org admins.
Coda experts directory
The Coda expert directory is a growing network of vetted agencies & consultants that you can hire to help you get the most out of Coda.
Coda Expert Directory (1).jpg
Qualtrics Pack
Analyze your survey data in Coda with the Qualtrics Pack. Visualize survey results, summarize findings to easily share with your team, and turn insight into an action plan in one central doc.
Qualtrics Pack.gif
December 2022
Coda certified Packs
Packs that have been human reviewed by our team and have 48 hour response times for support tickets are now Coda certified. Blue checkmarks have been added beside their name to make them easy to recognize.
New look for Pack listing pages
Pack listing pages received a refresh. The Security tab on a Pack’s listing now offers more details about each security feature’s meaning, making Pack security easier to understand.
Avatars indicate inactivity
Avatars of collaborators who have not been active in the doc for 15+ minutes will be greyed out and labeled as ‘inactive.’
More options for page outlines
Choose which size headers to include in a page outline.
More date options
Two more day/month/year options to the date column type are now available, for example 22.02.2022 and 22/02/2022.
Move and duplicate rows
Right-click on a row to choose to move it to the top or the bottom of the table.
Bulk duplicate columns
Right-click on selected columns to duplicate with values or as empty columns.
Duplicate rows button action
New button action allows rows to be duplicated.
Save data on play mode
If you add or change data on a published doc, you can save your changes and copy the doc.
Color coded select list
Apply chip color coding to options in your select list.
Choose default values
Set starting values for new rows.
Mobile homepage update
Sort by docs shared with you or in which you’ve been mentioned. Search docs or start a new one more easily.
View who last edited the page, and when
On any page, you can now see not only when the last change was made, but also who made it by toggling on last edited in page options. Clicking on the information opens the doc’s version history in a new tab.
Wide scrolling tables
When you scroll horizontally through a table’s columns, the surrounding text will remain centered.
Wide scrolling tables.gif
November 2022
New Slack Pack functionality
Thread reply messages and generate message URLs from your doc using the Slack Pack
Callout styles
Draw attention to important content in your tracking doc: instructions, tips, warnings, and more.
Version history updates
Version history now shows which page was edited, and highlights removed content in red, and added content in green.
Filter bar
Filter your data, your way. The flexible filter bar at the top of your table lets you choose desired values from any number of columns. Each team member can easily create their own customized view of the same table at the same time, and change it as often as they’d like.
October 2022
Asana Pack for Coda
You can combine Coda’s best-in-class collaboration tools with Asana’s task management platform for seamless, centralized workflows.
September 2022
Text highlighted yellow to show a comment exists
When text in a canvas or canvas column has sparked comments, it will appear with a yellow highlight.
Updated comment rail
New visual shorthand on the right side of your doc show the number of posts in each conversation, and the images of up to three of the most recent commenters.
Full comment thread preview toggle
We’ve added a button to the upper-right corner of each comment preview that opens all comment threads on the page.
Comment reactions
You can react to comments with a thumbs up, heart, or any of your favorite emojis.
Featured doc updates for Packs
Packs are now easier to use. Drag and drop a template from the Insert panel or copy the doc from the Pack listing page.
Featured Doc Updates_Making Packs.gif
Improved sync table setup panel
No more blank sync tables staring back at you. When you add a Pack’s sync table to your doc, the setup panel will appear, showing all filters you can add pre-sync.
Sync Table Set Up_2_Community Post.gif
Column picker for Pack sync tables
Sync the data you need—and nothing more. For sync tables with many columns, the column picker will appear pre-sync so you can decide what data you want to include.
Column Picker_ Community Post.gif
Share Pack source code
Share your Pack’s source code with others. You can learn from others’ Pack code or create your own custom Pack using their code as a starting point.
Pack Code Sharing_Community Post Gif 1-min (1).gif
August 2022
Switch time axis easily
Now placed directly above your timeline view, easily select a preferred time axis.
“Copy page to doc” button
Copy just the page to another doc or create a new one.
Time axis dropdown
Right above your timelines, you’ll see a new dropdown that lets you quickly choose to display by day, week, quarter, year, etc.
ForEach formula
You can choose new alias ForEach to apply an action to a list.
Confluence Importer (beta)
Move your Confluence space into Coda, without copy and paste.
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 10.28.57 AM.png
Request edit access
Doc owners can allow viewers to request edit access. Viewers can request edit access to read-only docs.
Share to Outlook contacts
Share to your Outlook contacts from the share dialog
Outlook contacts Pack
Retrieve Outlook contacts in any coda doc
July 2022
Sell Packs in the Gallery
Pack makers can now sell monthly subscriptions to their Packs directly through the Gallery.
Pack trials
Sample any Pack from the Gallery free for 14-days, including Coda-made Packs from Pro to Enterprise.
Personal canvas controls
Choose personal or collaborative mode within a canvas control’s setting and the value will set just for you, or for everyone.
New Personal Canvas Controls.gif
MaxBy and MinBy formulas
Find the item in a list that has the highest or lowest value by a certain metric using MaxBy or MinBy formulas.
Line separator styles
Choose a preferred style for your line separator on the canvas or in a table cell.
Typography updates
Typography updates include font and line spacing, column header alignment, and darker table text font color.
Full-width table images
Images in table cells automatically fit the size of the column. You can further customize the thumbnail to a standard small, medium, or large image size.
June 2022
Anyone can make a Pack in the Pack Studio
Pack Studio has graduated from beta and is ready for anyone to make a Pack. All it takes is a little Javascript to tailor how your doc looks, works, and integrates with Packs.
Compressed Pack Studio GIF (3).gif
Publishing stats
Track your published doc and Pack performance with the publishing stats dashboard.
Community post My stats.gif
Make a new Pack with Pack.New
Jump into the Pack Studio without the keystrokes. Type into your URL to start building a new Pack.
Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 10.01.11 AM.png
Microsoft Teams integration
Connect your docs with Microsoft Teams — pin docs to Teams tabs and channels, and edit or create new docs.
Microsoft Teams Pack
Push messages to Microsoft Teams from your Coda project tracker, pull in information to your Coda team hub. The window to your informational universe just got bigger.
with Microsoft
To help smooth the bridge between Coda and Teams, we’ve also added the ability to login to Coda with your Microsoft credentials.
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 9.32.51 AM.png
Create a progress bar for each task or the overall project.
Create a progress bar for each task or the overall project.
Progress bar new.gif
Duplicates formula
Use the Duplicates() formula to identify erroneous, duplicate information in tables.
Duplicates formula.gif
May 2022
Trigger automations with webhooks
Send information to a webhook from a doc to trigger automations.
Customize page and table notifications
Subscribe or unsubscribe from comments on your canvas content, such as Coda building blocks, or tables.
Comments page.gif
Respect a 24hr time format in calendar views
Calendars no longer switch to a 12hr time format if the 24hr time format iis selected.
Calendar view.gif
Dropdown menus are more visually helpful
It’s easier to see which items are selected.
Better use of multi-select lists in pages
Multi-select lists in pages look clean and run smoothly when many items are selected.
Page multiselect.gif
April 2022
Member management in workspace settings
Manage all your workspace members’ roles and permissions from ‘Workspace Settings’
Redesigned buttons, subpage icons, and link cards
We revisited the design on buttons, subpage icons, and link cards to make them more prominent and engaging.
Coda_UI Updates.gif
Find your @mention, faster.
Comment links take you straight to where the comment originated, rather than making you find the conversation in the base table.
Coda_Table view comments.gif
Control how a select list looks
Select lists, lookups, and people columns have a new option to “show more” or “show less” of what can often be long, bulky lists.
People column updates.gif
Duplicate a row in the row modal
Duplicate a row without leaving the row modal and wonder how you ever managed without it.
Duplicate a row.gif
Pinned group names
Group names in tables will never scroll out of frame again because we pinned them in place so you can always see them, no matter how big the group is.
Pinned groups.gif
Better table scrolling
We’ve elevated table scrolling to make finding your data that much easier.
Table scrolling.gif
Toggle added to page controls
Directly drag a toggle control from the page control panel.
Find faulty formulas
To keep broken formulas from slowing down your docs, Coda will alert the user who wrote it and bring them to the right spot to make their fix.
Runaway calculations.gif
March 2022
Discover and trial new Packs in the Coda Gallery
The Gallery’s not just for docs anymore. Now there are Packs built and published by the maker community too.
Sign up for the Coda Affiliate program and receive cash for referrals
You can now earn Coda credit for referring new users to Coda and cash when your referral upgrades to a paid plan.
Featured docs now available on Pack listing pages
On Pack listings under Docs using this Pack, docs that are tagged as Featured by Maker are a Pack maker’s way of saying “Start here” — complete with best practices and instructions to get started.
Upgraded Notion Importer
Notion Importer now supports transfer of page layouts, canvas columns, and communicates larger imports are syncing in the background.
February 2022
Command menu for automation rules
Click the vertical “...” next to each to rule to open the command menu and perform quick actions, such as duplicate and delete.
Command menu for automations.gif
More discoverable docs in the mobile app
Read a doc’s full title and see the avatars of your team members currently in the doc with a vertical doc list.
Mobile improvements.gif
Customize your doc notifications
Now you can choose to subscribe to comments with direct mentions or replies, or unsubscribe from all comments in the doc you’re currently working in.
Unsubscirb from notifications.gif
Generate a random sample with a formula
Easily select a random sample from any list in a Coda doc with the RandomSample() formula.
RandomSample() demo.gif
Send reminders to yourself with comment notifications
When you @yourname in a comment, a notification will appear under your Coda avatar and in your email.
@mention comments.gif
Copy an anchor link
Click the vertical “...” menu next to the block and select Copy link to drop an anchor and gather your entire team in the exact right spot on a page.
Copy link to block.gif
Render a checkbox as a toggle
Replace the checkbox in the checkbox control or column type with a toggle to switch between different states.
Checkbox as toggle (1).gif
Add a canvas to a table with canvas column type
Now you can truly connect structured and unstructured information together along with Coda’s building blocks inside a table with a canvas column.
January 2022
Align content side-by-side with page layout
Click on the vertical ”...” to drag and drop text, images, tables, and other Coda’s building blocks into columns on a page.
PRD-21012-CL-Image_Drag_Drop-1280x720 (1).gif
Maintain collapsed content
When you refresh a doc, we now remember which collapsible headings you’d expanded — so you can pick up right where you left off.
Improved collaboration
If one person edits a paragraph while another moves that paragraph, those changes will now be seamlessly integrated with the text edits applied in the correct final location.
Links to paragraphs
Links to specific paragraphs within a document are now more stable if you move the paragraph or make other edits near it.
December 2021
Full coverage dark mode on mobile
When dark mode is enabled, iOS and Android no longer have white bars at the top and bottom of the screen.
Mobile Improvements.png
A more flexible mobile cursor
It is now possible to place the cursor at the beginning of a line on iOS by tapping in the left-hand margin or at the beginning of the first word.
Mobile Improvements.png
Better doc search navigation on mobile
The search box at the top of the home screen is now wider and doesn’t truncate the placeholder text.
Mobile Improvements.png
Stay logged in on mobile
You will no longer be logged out of the Coda iOS app unless you opt to log out or your account has no activity for 30 days.
Mobile Improvements.png
Full screen a row
Hover over the row and click the expand icon to the left of the table and the expand icon in the upper right-hand of the expanded row.
full screen rows.gif
Customize columns in a row modal
Hover over the column and use the inline options to customize a column name or type.
new gif for layouts edit.gif
Add Unsplash cover photos to a row
Click “Add cover” and choose from the Unsplash options.
choose image from unsplash.gif
Copy a page to another doc
Hover over the three dots menu “...” in your page list to copy a page to a new or existing doc.
main image copy page to new doc.gif
November 2021
Icons and shortcuts on Doc list
The Doc list home now has icons for a clearer design as well as a “My Shortcuts” section
Rename docs from doc list
You can finally rename docs without opening them — simply choose “Rename” while viewing doc options on the doc list.
Doc list rename.gif
Update last modified data for doc copies
After copying a doc, your doc list will show the name of the user who copied the doc, and the time they copied it.
Last Modified Copy.png
Adding a blank table is more intuitive
We updated the blank table icon and description to help it standout when inserting a new table.
New table.png
Hide time stamps when using date and time
Remove the need to preview the time when adding a property for tracking created or modified dates in a table by selecting none under the time format.
Last Modified Copy.png
Quickly locate a column formula
Double-click in a cell and redirect to a column formula for faster editing.
Jump to column formula.gif
Filter columns with summarized data 5x faster
We calculate the summary value after you filter a column. This makes filtering speed on summarized columns 4-5x faster.
Before After Performance Update.gif
September 2021
Updated Workspace and Doc List
The “Coda Home” got a renovation, including the ability to collapse, expand, and switch between workspaces.
Salesforce Pack (beta)
Connect your pipeline, opportunities, and account data to Coda for a complete single source of truth.
PRD-21014-Product Launch 091521_Salesforce Pack GIF (2).gif
Okta Pack
Enterprise workspaces can now bring the power of Okta into any Coda doc to create an all-in-one hub for their day-to-day employee access and identity management needs.
Improved metadata & unfurling for published docs
Metadata is now provided for sub-pages in published docs, so that links unfurl for the specific page shared.
Page unfurls.gif
August 2021
Advanced search operators for Doc List & Gallery
Advanced search syntax and boolean operators can now be used when searching your Doc List and the Gallery.
Advanced search.gif
Updates to row detail layouts
Expanded rows and Detail views have a new interface, where images columns render as header images, and display columns as headings. Want to add a column from this view? We added that in too!
PRD-21013-Item Layouts Update.gif
Faster image loading
We’ve updated our image delivery service resulting in header images, images on the page canvas, and images in table loading up to 60% faster.
Image load improvements.png
Frozen columns
Retain important context as you scroll through large tables by “freezing” up to three of your left-most columns.
PRD-21012-Frozen Columns.gif
Easier page navigation
You can now click on any page icon to navigate to that page—just like you would the page title. Need to edit an icon? Just double-click it.
Page Icon Clicks.gif
More consistent right-click behavior
We’ve updated click behavior so that hovering over a link presents the option to edit it, holding Command or Ctrl while clicking opens the link in a new tab, and right clicking opens a menu that lets you choose either of those actions (plus a few more).
Link click behavior new (1).gif
Color scale maximum and minimum values
Set a minimum and maximum value for your scale to accommodate outliers.
Max Min CF.png
Search for and set ‘blank’ in People columns
Search for “blank” to reset a people value just as you’d search for any other name.
Blank people.gif
Toggle autocomplete for Text columns
Auto-complete is now set to “off” for Text columns; it can be toggled “on” in your text column settings.
Autofill suggestions.gif
Create button, scale, slider & control columns from the Explore panel
Drag items from the Explore panel into your table to automatically set the column type.
Add buttons explore.gif
Custom precision for the Now() formula
Select whether the output of the Now() formula rounds to seconds, minutes, hours, or days.
Now precision.gif
Show hidden table names on hover
Hover over the 3-dot ‘kebab’ menu next to the top of a table with a hidden title to see its name.
Show table title.gif
Better enumeration of duplicated tables
We’ve updated the behavior for pasting tables with unlinked duplicate data, so that the number increments by 1 each time.
Duplicate data increment.gif
"Quiet Mode”
Hide your collaborators’ cursor activity to help focus while working with your team.
Quiet mode.gif
Persistent doc unlocking
For users on the Team and Enterprise plans, docs remain unlocked as you navigate between pages until you lock them again—or until 10 minutes of inactivity, whichever comes first
Locking new.gif
Comment thread links
Quickly get a link to any comment thread from any message in the thread.
Link to comment threads.gif
Updates to the Slack Pack for Coda
We’ve updated the Slack Pack to accommodate updates to the Slack API. You can once again use the “Join Channel” action, in addition to accessing a Packs table of active, public Slack Channels, and the Message formula displays Channel and User Group mentions properly again.
Join Channel.png
July 2021
Coda Admin Audit API
Coda’s newest API supports auditing activities via an event log for all enterprise workspaces.
Coda app for Zoom meetings
The Coda app for Zoom lets you quickly gauge attendee sentiment, take a vote, prioritize Q&A topics, and moreーall in the familiar surface of a doc.
Improvements to JSON snapshots
After addressing opportunities to de-duplicate data in our systems, and prioritizing loading of doc content, we’re going deeper into our code base to unlock greater data storage and calculation efficiencies that make your docs faster.
Snapshot improvements.png
Improvements to PDFs
You can now export more ranges of content to PDF, and choose the orientation and paper size of the export.
July PDF Improvements.gif
Visual updates: Coda color refresh
We’ve refreshed colors in the core Coda interface, helping links look more recognizable and your content (especially buttons!) stand out even more.
New blue.png
Even faster column management
We’ve made it faster and easier to change column types in your tables.
Column type switcher 2_sm.gif
More Gallery categories
We’ve added more categories to the Gallery so that you can find the docs and content that are most relevant to you.
New categories.png
Publish to multiple categories
When publishing to the Gallery, you can now tag your docs with up to five relevant categories.
Add multiple categories.gif