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Collaboration costs less with Coda.

Charging per seat doesn't sit well with us. So we price Coda differently to erase the limits that hold back great teams.

What’s Coda?

Coda is the all-in-one doc you can customize to fit every business need—from tracking projects and tasks, to team hubs, to interactive writeups.

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What’s different about Coda’s pricing?

When you pay per seat, you have to consider who does or doesn’t get access. Instead of moving quickly and efficiently together, some teammates run into barriers, while others pick up the added responsibility of distributing information.
With Coda, everyone on your team is free to view, edit, comment, and contribute. We only charge for the people who create docs and pages. That’s it.

Use the sliders to see how quickly costs add up when you’re charged per seat. 👇

Doc Makers:
Editors & viewers:
Coda (Pro plan)


at $12/Doc Maker/month
Per-seat pricing


at $5/user/month

Why is pricing like this better?

By charging only for Doc Makers, Coda creates an environment where no one’s locked out of the conversation. Rather, the entire team can apply their skills fully and make decisions that stick.
Is it that revolutionary to believe everyone should be able to collaborate in a collaboration tool? 🤷‍♀️
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The truth: Niche workflow apps multiply costs.

More tools means more to manage, and more to pay. Teams feel it, budgets feel it, and the health of the business ultimately suffers. Coda is buildable, scalable, and has seamlessly shrunken software stacks in departments from HR to IT.

What’s it like to run your business on Coda?

Coda runs on Coda, of course. But we’ve also seen many founders and leaders share their stories of how Coda helped them drive toward success.

A few of the 40,000+ teams that run on Coda.


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