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Sales CRM

Win deals your way with a visual CRM to manage companies, contacts, and sales pipelines.
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Tracking our contacts in our email account and deal pipeline in a spreadsheet is fast, lightweight…and let’s be honest, total chaos. The solution? Sign up with a cloud CRM to give us structure in our new business pursuits. It felt better. We felt more in control. Until our day-to-day became clunky, slow, and using 10% of the functionality we were sold on. And it’s now sitting there, a heavy line item on our monthly bill.
Welcome to a fully-functioning CRM that you can customize to your own needs, easily. No need for hiring consultants or being a developer. Adding new pipeline statuses is simply adding a new row to a table. Deleting fields you don’t need is a right click or a drag and drop to hide. It’s like a spreadsheet - but everything is connected in the way it should.
With beautiful pipeline views, visual customer insights, and dashboards - you’ll love using a CRM that’s just right for you.
As simple as you run. As complex as your unique ways.
Sell your products, services, and ideas to a world that needs to hear what you have to say and give.

Getting started

Stats about your deal pipeline and win/close rates to answer "who are we doing?"
Track your sales pipeline and move folks through the funnel.
Rich layout of all companies and contacts at those companies.
View your relationships visually in the contacts sections.
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