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Shishir's Tips for Executive Onboarding
An 8-week guide to onboarding as a new executive.
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Over my career, I’ve had the chance to help onboard dozens of executives - either directly/indirectly in my own teams, or in advising others going through the transition. To be honest, most onboardings are not that successful. Parachuting in as a new executive in an already running team can be very tricky and organ rejection is common. But when this is done well, it can be a springboard for a multiplicative relationship. And it’s notable that the bigger the team, the harder this is.

This guide is written with (a) a few principles to think about in this process and then (b) a guide to the first 8 weeks.

Note that this is written as advice to the new executive, but don’t let that confuse the situation ー the responsibility of a successful onboarding is shared between the leader and the new exec. So feel free to swap the pronouns if the other role applies to you.

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Shishir's Tips for Executive Onboarding
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