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Getting Started Guide: Coda API

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Coda API

In this Getting Started Guide, we'll introduce you to the Coda API and share examples of how to do more with your Coda docs programatically.

Access your docs programmatically.

It's easy to create and edit Coda docs in your browser, but sometimes you need programmatic access to do things like automate parts of your workflow. The Coda API enables you to read and write data to your Coda doc using code.
In this Getting Started Guide, we'll introduce you to the
and share examples of how to do more with your Coda docs using the API. This guide assumes that you are familiar with writing code.
If you want to build an integration without writing code, check out the Zapier links in the quick links section below! is an app that allows you to build workflows connecting two or more apps without code.

What are examples of things you can do with the API?

Sync data between a table in one Coda doc and a table in another Coda doc.
e.g. Syncing data between a company goal tracker to your team's roadmap.
Set up automated reminders.
e.g. Send your teammates emails or Slack messages when their tasks are overdue.
Complement a
you are setting up.
e.g. Do a bulk import of data in another app to complement a Zap you are setting up.
Set up a deep integration between another app and Coda.
e.g. Build out a database view of your calendar in Coda, and use it to track notes, action items and more.

If you have feedback on the API or you build something that can benefit the entire Coda community, !

Let's start with some examples

For these examples, we'll be using (), which lets you write code in a JavaScript-like syntax using built-in libraries for many Google products as well as the Coda API library. What's more, you can set up a schedule to run your scripts periodically, and best of all, it's freeーperfect for getting acquainted with the Coda API.
If you haven't used Apps Script before, don't worry! The syntax is straightforward, and you should be able to pick it up easily if you've used JavaScript or another procedural language like Python or Java. Of course, you can always use other mechanisms to host your scripts and access our API if you prefer to not use Apps Script.
We recommend tackling these in order, but feel free to skip ahead once you've gotten through the first one.
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Learn the Coda API Basics
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Build a one-way sync between tables in two separate documents
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Set up automated email reminders based on table data
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Sync your Google calendar to Coda & make the most of your time
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Quick Links

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- for the full details of the API
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- Sign up for Zapier and check out common Coda integrations
- Learn how to get started with Coda and Zapier
Google Apps Script
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