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Recyclify is an app to monitor the efficiency of a recycling facility.
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About this doc

This app has been created as an experiment to replicate the functionality needed to monitor and report the efficiency of an independent recycling facility.

The original model come from a volunteering work done last year for a project in Indonesia that unfortunately has never been completed.

Since a similar necessity has been observed in another organisation I wanted to give it a try and see if Coda could create a good-enough MVP to run what’s needed.

Goals of the recycling facility

  1. Decentralise waste management.
  2. Improve separation of the waste.
  3. Recycle as much material as possible locally (eg: creating compost from organic or bricks from plastic, etc).
  4. Sell what has been recycled or sell unused recycling material to bigger recycling facilities.
  5. Reduce waste to landfills.

How the facility works

  1. A member is registered to the facility and will start paying a fee and in return their waste will get picked up weekly
  2. The members deposit their separated waste (organic/inorganic) into the bins for the pickup.
  3. The facility truck(s) periodically do rounds to pick up the waste from the managed areas
  4. The truck unload the separated waste at the facility
  5. The facility workers weight the sacks of separated material. Organic goes to composting. Inorganic goes to separation table. The inorganic material get separated into all type of materials that can be recycled: Plastic, Metal, Glass, Paper (several types for each when necessary). What cannot be classified into a recyclable material goes to landfill.
  6. Create stock. Compost produced is piled as stock for sale. Any other material or product is stocked for sale to the public or to other facilities
  7. Sell stock

Goals of the app

  1. Improve transparency of facility operations
  2. Track facility efficiency
  3. Show the value of separation to the community members

Meet Andrea Soverini

I’m a designer and problem solver passionate about environmental projects.

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