Docs in Small business

Four Myths of Bundling
Sales CRM
Win deals your way with a visual CRM to manage companies, contacts, and sales pipelines.
Executive Onboarding: Shishir's Tips & Best Practices
An 8-week learning plan.
The Digital Agency Operating System
An agency-in-a-box to manage your business
What Are No-Code Tools & How To Build No-Code Apps
A new wave of makers can unleash their creativity like never before.
Persona Template: How to inspire customer empathy across your team
Copy this template certified by Product School to more better understand your customers.
Shishir's Guide to Distributed Teams
Flexible Invoice System
This is a template to illustrate how a Coda doc can become a light-weight invoicing system.
Project Planning Tools
Planning before Design is more powerful and effective
Time & Money
Time & Money: A prototype financial modeling platform with big advantages over spreadsheet-based modeling
Webflow Pack: Start Here
The Webflow Pack is here to give you more flexibility while working with the Webflow CMS, enabling all the power of Coda.
About Financial Essentials
Financial Essentials is the Pack that adds key financial formulas for loans and investments to your Coda docs
How Canva trained 800 employees to fuel a $6 Billion growth spurt
An inside look at how a small team designed and scaled learning standards for a $6 billion company.
Small Business CRM and Project Tracker
Inventory Planning
This doc helps you make more accurate inventory purchase decisions.
How Aavia tackles ambitious OKRs so that you can befriend your hormones
The tea on the 6-week goal-setting ritual that keeps us fiercely focused.
Simple Invoices/Expenses
Simplify your business
Tracking Suppliers & Purchase Orders
This Coda doc allows you to tracks purchase orders to your suppliers.
Customer Meeting Notes & Follow Ups
A customer meeting template to manage customer meeting notes and follow ups all in one place.
Reimagining Work
The world of work has been on a slow evolution for decades. Legacy practice roots run deep in how we design work experiences and build people systems to support them. What if we designed work from the ground up today?
Redefining HR for the Post-Covid Future of Work
The "future of work" is now. The events of 2020 have propelled the field of HR forward and created an opportunity for a rethinking and resetting of how we design work practices that best serve all employees, our companies, and each other.
Managing Production
Whether you're optimizing pizza production, manufacturing widgets, or building the first rocket to Mars, this doc helps you manage production. Build up finished products via the individual components, tracking shortages, margins, and reorder points as you
Team retro with Linear
Pull your Linear issues into a table, then reflect on what went well and what didn’t.
How to use the CSV Importer pack
Prioritization Machine
A system to identify which tasks should be completed first, and the expected value of the task.
5 Tips to Write a Press Release For Your Business
Pay Equity Playbook: How to be a Fair Pay Employer
A pay equity playbook with practical tools from Susan Alban on how you can start conversations that help your organization take steps towards pay equity
Schedule tweets
Easy automate your twitter scheduling to keep a consistent account so you can focus on your genuine interactions.
Funding the next generation of Makers
Announcing the first round of Maker Fund recipients
Headcount Planning
Helping recruiters, hiring managers, and finance partners stay on the same page