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Visualize your data with charts

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Visualize your data with charts

See your data in new ways with charts in Coda.

Available charts to try!

Timeline: A Gantt chart for keeping all the moving pieces straight in a big product launch. (You'll need start and end dates and/or duration fields for this.)
Bar Chart: Excellent for sales data. We've also seen stacked bar charts in .
Pie Chart: Break down survey data, team resources, etc... or do what and rally everyone around code complete with pie chart. (Don't want a whole pie? There's a donut version 🍩)
Line Chart: The OG chart. Track customer retention or get that hockey stick with your Daily Active Usage. Up to you whether you want a smooth or angled line!
Area Chart: For when you need to see your data broken down by geography. Check out Jonathan's for inspiration.
Scatter Chart: Trying to find a trend in your data? Want to spot outliers? Try a simple XY scatter chart and better understand your variables.
Bubble Chart: Like scatter charts with an extra dimension. Great for managing investments.

Want more information on charts in Coda? .

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