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Trip Expense Tracker

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Trip Expense Tracker

This trip expense tracker helps you track expenses paid during your trip and who owes who for the expense. It is also a basic trip planner you can use on your phone.

Trip Expense Tracking App

There are a ton of trip expense planning and tracking apps out there that you can purchase, but they sometimes contain more features than you need. This template does one thing well: keep track of expenses you and your friends or family incur on a trip. Logging your expenses into an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet during the trip is cumbersome and not user-friendly. This template renders on your phone so that it feels like a mobile app, so you can track expenses on your phone or on your desktop browser.

Plan Your Trip

In addition to having tables of expenses, this template integrates with the Weather Pack so you can see the real-time weather forecast for the city you are traveling to. This gives you the ability to write an itinerary for your trip in the same place where you track expenses for your trip!

Key Features

Some of the key features in this trip expense tracking app include:
Seeing who paid an expenses, and how much that person has to pay or receive at the end of the trip
Filter the expenses based on a date range
See a group expense report as a pie chart and bar chart
View weather for the cities you plan on visiting in the Schedule section of the doc

on how to use this doc.

Expenses sample 1

This event paid by Roy with total amount $150, each person (Ben and May) should pay back to Roy $50 each. Because Roy also attended this event so Roy should collect $100 but not $150

Expenses sample 2

This event paid by David but he doesn't attend, so he should collect total $30 from attendee (Roy, Ben, Mary, Patrick) $7.5 each

Expenses Summary

You can see the total expenses at the bottom, it is very clear to know who should pay or collect, it is the same as "Traveler Summary" table but "Traveler Summary" can view-able in mobile. Also, "Traveler Summary" also list the actual spent in the trip

How to Rename and add a person


just rename "Traveler Summary" table manually

Add - Step 1

Add row (e.g. Louis) in "Traveler Summary" table

Add - Step 2

in Expenses table, create new column next to last person, rename (e.g. Louis), copy formula from left, change highlighted number
If create 8th person, the formula number should be 8
If create 9th person, the formula number should be 9

Add - Verification

Make sure the "Traveler Summary" is the same ordering as "Expenses" table
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