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Stripe Alumni List
Hire amazing Stripe Alumni by function
Twitch Alumni List
A list of awesome ex-Twitch talents available for hire.
Zoom Alumni List
A talented list of ex-Zoom employees available for hire.
Dropbox Alumni List
Connect with and hire talented ex-Dropboxers with this list.
Uber Alumni List
Here's a list of incredible Uber alumni
Disney Alumni List
A list of awesome ex-Disney talents available for hire.
Yahoo Alumni List
A list of awesome ex-Yahoo talents available for hire.
Juul Labs Alumni List
Browse through some of the talented folks who have joined us over the years, in service of our mission, at Juul Labs.
Newfront Alumni List
Newfront had to layoff a portion of the team in April due to COVID-19. We're using this list to keep track of the talented people now looking for their next adventure.
NetApp Alumni Talent List
A talented list of ex-NetApp employees available for hire.
Carnival Alumni List
Here's a list of talented people from Carnival Corp now looking for their next adventure.
Blackbaud Alumni List
Here's a list of talented people from Blackbaud now looking for their next adventure.

Docs in Alumni lists

Square’s 1-on-1 Toolkit: The secret to managing your team’s careers
I'm Jenny, a Design Lead for Square's ECOM team. I developed this 1-on-1 doc to help my designers prioritize their career development and design beyond their day-to-day.
Companies Still Hiring
Here is an updating list of stellar organizations that are #stillhiring.
Interview Tracker
Interviewing can feel like a full-time job. Make the process of prioritizing and tracking your interviews easier, less stressful, and less time-consuming by using this customizable interview tracker.
Who: A-Player Hiring Guide
A guide to solving your #1 problem: who to hire. Based on the popular books Who (Smart) & Work Rules! (Bock).
Internship Tracker
Tally + Coda
Send form responses from Tally to Coda
Apply for the Coda Growth Fellowship!
Calling all college students interested in working in tech and gaining experience across growth, entrepreneurship, and product to apply by January 31, 2022!
Clement's PM Interview Practice Guide
An evidence-based method to land your next PM job, from the co-founder of Product Manager HQ.
We Work Remotely Job Board
Track open remote roles and your application process in this We Work Remotely template.
Recruiting Pipeline with Greenhouse
Finding your next job - The Next Step Project
What is the next step and how we can help
Interview Scheduler with Greenhouse
This interview scheduler template allows you to track candidates, interviews, and interviewer feedback in one place. Integrates with Greenhouse, Slack, and Gmail.
Reimagining Work
The world of work has been on a slow evolution for decades. Legacy practice roots run deep in how we design work experiences and build people systems to support them. What if we designed work from the ground up today?
Headcount Planning
Helping recruiters, hiring managers, and finance partners stay on the same page
Coordinating Candidates
Move candidates from phone screen to interview in a single click
Interview Day
The collaborative interview made easy.
The Two Secrets of Hiring
From Drew Bent, COO of
Dropbox Alumni List
Connect with and hire talented ex-Dropboxers with this list.
Product Manager Data Interview Skills & Questions
A brief guide for winning your analytical job interviews
Recrutement OTGP
MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
Everything related to working at Matchr and the people of Matchr.
Startup Salary Guide
The purpose of this salary guide is to provide an up-to-date insight of salaries in Australia in core functions of Product, Engineering, Design, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and People.
Headcount Approval and Planning Process
Hiring List Template
A better way to help people on your team find new opportunities.
Elysian House
A collective of the dopest Gen Z builders + dreamers.
Mail Merge in Coda
How to send custom emails to your contact list with the push of a button.
v2.0 Plato Engineering Career Ladders
Explore our growing collection of public Engineering Career Ladders
The Dream Job Hub
Land your dream job with the ultimate job search template.
Benchling Alumni Page
Connect with Benchling alums affected by our recent team reduction who are actively looking for their next role.
SignalFire’s Guide To Distributed Team Management
The 100 best tools and best practices for remote work, hiring distributed teams, running a work from home company