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From kicking off your role, defining the recruiting strategy, mapping out the interview process, to evaluation—your critical info should live in one convenient place!

Get started by making a copy of the template:
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Use the checklist below as a guide to strategically define the details and criteria for your search.
Use the section to capture weekly progress notes.

Role kickoff

In hiring you want to set a strong foundation from the start, a well executed and complete

It provides alignment on the role and target candidate profile for your hiring team.
It defines a consistent and equitable process, and helps foresee potential blockers in hiring.
It aids interviewer preparation and provides clarity on the rubric: ie. skill set and attributes being evaluated.
It defines the role exercise and prep material if applicable, and anything else unique to the role. A streamlined process enables the team to move fast, which is important for strong candidates.


Flesh out the details for the candidate profile and role with this list of .
Write your .
Define your , map candidate touch points with the team, exercise for the role, the interview panel and rubric for the team.
Use the to get started.
Detailed checklist
Pre Kick Off
Share this page to your Hiring Team
Schedule a Kickoff meeting with Hiring Team
Hiring Manager
Fill out the
After filling out intake questions, Recruiter and HM will go through these together and finalize prior to setting up the role
Set a clear to minimize bias
Use the template to draft/finalize the JD
If possible, do some market research to come prepared with candidate example profiles
During Kick Off
Ensure panel is set up well from a qualitative stand point
Are these the right focus areas and interviewers to test for the bar?
Cover intake questions relevant to understanding how to best sell and evaluate candidates early on in process
Set expectation on overall hiring pipeline and hiring manager participation
What metrics should we set on a weekly basis, and how difficult is this role to fill?
What strategies should we employ to maximize chance of success?
What does recruiter need from the HM to be successful and what can HM expect from recruiter?
Hiring Manager
Share business context and details for selling on role
Finalize take home exercise
Set with diversity in mind
Stress test panel set up
Is this candidate experience friendly? Consider length, diversity of interviewers, etc.
Is this panel likely to cause scheduling bottlenecks with internal team?
Is the panel completely filled out, including interviewers, focus areas, example questions, and rubrics?
Cover intake questions relevant to understanding where to find and source candidates from, as well as how to best sell the role in messages
Market Intelligence and Pipeline Expectations
Share view of the market and set expectations on what sort of weekly pipeline to expect.
If possible, have a couple of example profiles to review.
After Kick Off
Post role to Greenhouse and career site if panel is fully set up
Hiring Manager
Share the completed kickoff doc with your hiring team
Ensure any new interviewers are trained on focus areas and rubric.
Check set up in Greenhouse to ensure all the scorecards and interview slots are set up correctly and notifications turned on
Start building pipeline and set up any sourcing jams necessary


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