Rejection Letter Generator with Coda AI

Rejection Letter Generator with Coda AI

Stop feeling guilt for ghosting declined applicants or replying with canned templates. Write personalized and respectful rejection letters with the help of AI
Writing rejection letters is hard. Not only it takes away a lot of time (especially if the position is hot) but it’s also heavy on the heart 💔. That’s why many teams do the “we’ll call you” and either simply never contact declined candidates leaving them in the dark, or reply with bland, soulless copy-pasted templates.
With the help of Coda AI you can make this process quick, less painful, and more human.

About this template

This doc has two parts. The first is the letter generator itself, and the other is the tiny
included for demo purposes. You can use the whole doc as a starter kit, or just keep the generator and plug it into your existing ATS doc, e.g. the one with or whatever you already have.
↗ Watch the detailed video (TBD) or the 4 minute one →

Tailor to your needs

This generator is set up to write rejection letters for job seekers. But you can adapt it to your own cases: reject applications for your VC fund, a discount program, a private community, you name it.
The main prompt is in the table, AI Prompt column. And all the settings bits for filling out that prompt are in the table. Feel free to customize to your liking.

Try it out!

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and explore the


Rejection Letter Generator: Savage Edition

There’s also a version of this generator that thrashes candidates like Gordon Ramsay 💀
and within minutes get your rejection and the template link
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