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Interview Scheduler with Greenhouse

This interview scheduler template allows you to track candidates, interviews, and interviewer feedback in one place. Integrates with Greenhouse, Slack, and Gmail.
You are about to interview a candidate and want to view the candidate’s information on Greenhouse and communicate with your team about the interview via Slack. This template brings in data from Greenhouse so you can view the status of the candidate in the hiring process. With the Slack integration, quickly share your notes with any #channel in your Slack 📢!

Quick Start

1️⃣ Enter in high-level criteria, questions, and question importance you will ask the candidate on the section. Review candidate's info from on the section and e-mail this pre-brief to your team with the Gmail pack →
Send Pre-Brief
2️⃣ Each interviewer marks their scores and notes for the candidate in the Interview Day (post your notes during the interview with the "Post to Slack" button 🔵!)
3️⃣ Review the candidate's overall scores and notes on the section

What's in this doc?

What This Section/Folder Does
Project Manager
Criteria and questions for the candidate
Team Member
Interview schedule for the day
Team Member
Brief for your team members who are interviewing candidates
Interview Day
Team Member
Folder holds sections for each interviewer's scores and notes
Project Manager
Summary of scores and notes for the candidate once all interviews are finished
There are no rows in this table

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