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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
This is a living document with everything we've learned working with people while running a remote talent company. And, of course, we continue to learn. Therefore it's a document that will continue to change.
We decided to make our employee handbook available for everyone to share our learnings, inspire others and to give back. We would have never been where we are today, without the help of millions of others that shared their learnings and experience either direct or indirectly.
Okay, will be honest. As an indirect effect we also use this for employer branding purposes and you will see some links here and there referring if you would like to and/or interested to . We hope you will forgive this selfish reason ;).
Feel free to copy anything that you like and if you have any suggestions how we can make this better please do let us know.
Enjoy the read!
The team of

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