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Interview Tracker

Interviewing can feel like a full-time job. Make the process of prioritizing and tracking your interviews easier, less stressful, and less time-consuming by using this customizable interview tracker.
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This doc helps you manage your job search process from start to finish by tracking:
Your key priorities when you're looking for a job
A company hotlist, including tracking your application status within those companies
Upcoming interviews
Tasks that need completion as part of your job search

Quick Start

Before beginning your job search, it's important to reflect and actually document your for this new role so that no matter how crazy or confusing the process becomes, you have a clear set of priorities on which to base your decision.
Add the you're interested in and any you have at these companies.
Add as you schedule them and see them appear in both the interviews table as well as in the calendar view.
Document your to make sure you're staying on top of all you to-do items as you interview.
Please note: At the top of each section there is a "Delete Placeholder ..." button that is meant to help you quickly clear out the fake data in this template. If you click this button, it will clear out any of the data that is marked (in a hidden column) as placeholder data.

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