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Recruiting Pipeline with Greenhouse
Recruiting Pipeline with Greenhouse
This template helps recruiters and hiring managers stay on top of their current candidate pipeline. You can connect this doc to your account so that your team can get live and actionable candidate details, including applicant info, current stage, contact info, simply by pasting in a Greenhouse link.
We’ve noticed many recruiting teams supplement their applicant tracking system, like Greenhouse, with a series of spreadsheets or documents such as their Weekly Pipeline Reports, Coordination Trackers (see as an example), Sourcing Trackers, Headcount Planners, Task Lists for Hiring Managers, and Referral trackers. With the Greenhouse Pack, Coda makes collaborating with your hiring manager easier than ever!
About Coda Packs
This doc uses Coda's Packs feature, which allows you to connect Coda to other applications that you use. Check out the video below, or learn more about Packs
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Hiring Manager View
Hiring managers can see the live status of all recruits for all roles
See candidates in the hot seat
Recruiter View
Recruiters can create their own views of their candidates to report to hiring managers.

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