Enterprise org admin workspace setup

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Accessing and organizing all docs

Org admins have access to view and manage all docs within their workspace. They can adjust sharing settings, move docs to different folders, delete docs, and transfer ownership of docs to different makers. We also provide a dashboard with some doc statistics so that you can gauge how much any given doc is used. Your team will also have access to their individual doc stats. Learn more about that here.

Viewing public docs

In the ‘Org docs’ tab, Org admins can filter down to see a list of all publicly shared docs. From here, org admins can change permissions or lock down access of those docs. *Please contact our support team if you're interested in upgrading to superadmin capabilities. Superadmins can view and access any doc, including personal docs within their organization, without requiring explicit permissions.


Integration approval and security

Control access and settings to Coda's integrations (Packs).

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