Enterprise org admin workspace setup

14 lessons, 14 minutes

Setting up your Enterprise workspace is the first step to launching Coda with your team. Great work!

Launching Coda with your team

For your next steps, our Customer Success team has created this comprehensive guide help you effectively launch Coda at your company. This resource provides all of the information you need to effectively roll out Coda.

Your continued support

Remember that you and your team have continued support options to not only help you learn Coda but to get you unblocked when you get stuck. Our support team can be contacted via the question mark in the bottom right corner of your doc/workspace. They can help with questions big and small and are a great first stop if you haven’t found a resource you need. Explore your other support options here.

Resources for your role

We also have a number of async resources to support your work, including this handbook for IT teams where you can learn how we’ve seen IT teams elevate their function by using Coda and how Coda has helped companies consolidate tools and save money.

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