Enterprise org admin workspace setup

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Advanced sharing settings

Enterprise customers have access to advanced sharing settings to control how docs, forms, and Packs can be shared outside the organization. As an org admin, you can update your advanced sharing rules at any time from the organization settings console.

You have three options to choose from:

  1. Unrestricted.
  2. Invite-only external access.
  3. No external access.
If you need to collaborate with users from external companies, we recommend choosing "invite-only external access".

If you do not need to collaborate with external users, and only need to collaborate with employees within your company then we recommend choosing "no external access". This will restrict the sharing of docs to users just on your domain.
You will be able to see what docs are shared externally within the Public Docs settings. We will cover more on public docs in an upcoming lesson. Learn more here.

Approved domains

The domains and access settings are also where you can set the domains associated with your organization. Anyone who has an email address for one of these owned domains will join the workspace as an editor. Once you’ve adjusted your login preferences and added any additional approved domains, members will be able to log into Coda by heading to coda.io and signing into Coda the way you have designated.


Workspace consolidation

Why and how to consolidate your workspaces for your organization.

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