Enterprise org admin workspace setup

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About org membership

Within the Org Membership settings, you will find the ability to manage org admins, deactivate members, and transfer docs of deactivated members. These settings will allow you to make the most of your enterprise account ensuring you have enough org admins, maintaining active maker seats, and transferring docs of deactivated members.

Deactivating members

As an org admin, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that when doc owners leave the organization, their docs get quickly transferred to a new maker. Deactivation is most easily done via SCIM. It is important to transfer docs as soon as possible because once a maker is deactivated, their docs will become read-only and inoperable for everyone at your company until they are transferred to a new owner.

Transferring docs

While you as an org admin are responsible for transferring docs, makers within your workspace have the ability to request ownership of a doc if the current owner has been deactivated. Within the org membership settings, you will be able to see and approve any requests for doc ownership. Get detailed steps on how to deactivate and transfer docs here.

Adding and changing roles

Finally, within the Org Membership settings, you can add additional members, change the roles of your members, and add more org admins at the bottom of the page. Learn more about managing doc makers here and get more tips for managing doc transfers here.


Manage docs

Settings to view and manage all docs in your workspace.

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