Enterprise org admin workspace setup

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Admin roles for Enterprise plans

There are two different admin roles within Coda: workspace admin and org admin. You may have one or both of those roles. This course will primarily focus on the org admin role. Explore this article for more information on workspace admins and the differences between these two roles. Org admin is short for “organization admin.” An org admin helps ensure their org operates smoothly and securely on Coda. They have access to the Organization Settings control center, where they can set policies for their domain and users across all workspaces in their org. Org admins control all of the security features that are available on our Enterprise plan.

Who should be an Org admin?

It is best to have someone from your IT, tooling, and/or security team so that they can help set up SAML SSO, SCIM, and other advanced security features. We recommend having at least two org admins. This ensures that your workspace can continue to operate smoothly, even if one admin is unavailable or leaves the company.

Adding more admins

Only current org admins can add new org admins. Watch the chapter called, "Org membership", or read the following help article for additional instructions on adding or removing org admins.


Login preferences

Setting up login preferences for your organization.

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