Enterprise org admin workspace setup

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All about Coda Packs

At Coda, integrations are called “Packs”. Coda’s Packs ecosystem provides your team access a library of integrations that will help to enhance their productivity, collaboration, and overall work experience. Coda has integrations for many of the tools your teams likely already uses - from Slack, to Jira, to Google Calendar and Gmail, and Salesforce.

Pack security

Packs have best in class security so you can feel at ease connecting your tool stack to Coda. As an org admin, you can choose to regulate how these Packs are used, protecting your users and your company data. With our Pack settings, you can choose to allow certain Packs for specific users or teams, as well as limit the data that a pack can pull from and push to your external tools. This feature allows org admins on our Enterprise plans to establish policies to govern what aspects or functionality of the Pack can be used within their organization and control how Pack data is shared within Coda. Learn how to configure custom access to Packs in this help article. Check out this guide for more information on overall Pack security.


Coda Admin API

Access additional administrative functions via our Admin API.

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