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Your login preferences

SSO- or “single sign-on”- allows users to access multiple applications or websites via a single authentication source with enhanced security or user provisioning requirements. SSO will not only help to secure your workspace but will also make Coda more easily accessible to your employees. Enterprise customers should enable SAML 2.0 SSO for all managed domains in their organization.

Who should set up SSO?

If you’re not the right person to set up SAML SSO, please contact your IT team for assistance and/or add them as an Org admin on your account. We highly recommend setting up SAML SSO and disabling all other authentication mechanisms for your employees.

Getting started

Instructions for SSO setup can be found here. Do note, that setup and configuration can vary by SSO provider. Please refer to your SSO provider’s documentation for additional setup instructions. Learn more on how admins can securely set up Coda here.


User provisioning

Setting up SCIM for your organziation.

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